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University of Advancing Technology is an elite, private college that serves its student body by fostering knowledge creation and academic excellence in an environment that embraces the young technophiles of the world. With three centers of research and a suite of technology-centered undergraduate and graduate degrees, the University is a recognized leader in technology education.

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    UAT CCDC Team Places 3rd, Qualifying for Regionals

    UAT CCDC Team Places 3rd, Qualifying for Regionals

    (Feb 05, 2018)

    Blog post by Adam Monk, Sales Director, Building Design Services, LLC In today’s market, whether you are selling cars, software, or real estate you need to pay more attention to your clients...

    The results are in! Out of 17 teams competing in the CCDC Qualifier, UAT had to place 8th or better…

    UAT placed 3rd overall and took 1st in the defense category. Congrats to this amazing group of dedicated Network Security students.

    Currently UAT is the top Arizona College coming out of the 2018 CCDC Qualifier. Next stop is the regionals.

    Here are the standings:

    1 – Cal Poly Pomona
    2 – Stanford Univ.
    3 – University of Advancing Tech
    4 – CSU Northridge
    5 – UC Riverside
    6 – San Diego State Univ.
    7 – National Univ.
    8 – Arizona State Univ.

    UAT will be taking the big white van to the Regionals in March!

    The UAT WRCCDC Team consists of Robert Thompson, Eric Dodge, Kelvin Ashton, Jeremy Bunce, Mitchell Blystone-Pemberton, Adam Morris, Jordan Rude and Luke Schloesser.

    Team alternates include Josh Mikkelson, Ashley Pearson, Lily Spear and Jackson Nestler, who were in the room during the competition observing.

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    What is Network Security?

    What is Network Security?

    (Feb 01, 2018)

    Co-written by Game Art and Animation Jorge Portillo and Digital Media Maven Lauren Fach Game Art and Animation (GAA) is a creative field in video game development. Without character art, would...

    Blog co-written by UAT Cyber Security Program Champion Greg Miles and Digital Media Maven Lauren Fach

    Network security, or cyber security, is an industry where professionals are trained to prevent and monitor unauthorized access or attempts to access, misuse, or modify a computer network and network-accessible resources.

    A network can be private, like within a company, school, business, or home and is designed to keep users out that do not have the correct login credentials. Other networks may be open to public access; an example would be the free Wi-Fi at Starbucks or a hotel. Many Network Security pros will warn against using public Wi-Fi and that you are operating a device at your own risk knowing that the connection is unsecured.

    Important to Remember:

    • No network is 100% secure, even a private network with the best security features can have vulnerabilities and there is the human factor, that either knowingly or not can be manipulated.
    • Public networks should only be used for non-sensitive access. For example, it is NOT recommended to access your banking information from Starbucks. Public networks are easier to “eavesdrop” on and users should change their passwords frequently, especially when using public networks often.
    • Talk with your IT department about additional security features you might be able to access while out and about. For example, virtual private networks (VPN) can provide additional protections.
    • It isn’t all about the technical side of security either. Remember to protect your computing devices from theft and compromise. Lock the screen, don’t leave the computer at the table for even a second. Thieves are quick.
    Cyber Security Warfare Range at UAT

    Cyber Security Warfare Range at UAT

    Glossary of Cyber Security Terms

    Threat – Something that can impact the operation of an organization. There can be natural threats (fires, hurricanes, disasters) or human threats (bombs, malicious hackers, nation-states, etc.)

    Vulnerability – a weakness in a person, place, or thing

    Impact – the result that can affect an organization should something occur

    Risk – The combined effect of the Threats, Vulnerabilities and Impact

    Hacker – Someone who enjoys discovering how things work. Remember hackers can use their powers for good or for evil and it is all based on intent

    Ethical Hacking – The process of discovering vulnerabilities to improve the security posture of an individual or organization

    Black Hat – Hackers using their powers for evil. Also the name of one of the most renowned annual security conferences

    White Hat – Hackers using their powers for good

    Gray Hat – Hackers that can’t seem to decide whether they are good or evil

    Penetration Test (PenTest) – The process of identifying vulnerabilities and their exploitability to help an organization improve their security posture

    At UAT, a Bachelor of Science degree in cyber security prepares students for the rapid paced online world of theft and corruption of data and information. UAT teaches a broad range of topics to the support the security professional to include network defense, incident response, business continuity/disaster recovery, security and risk assessment, and penetration testing.

    You can learn more about a bachelor’s degree in Network Security. Ready to take the next step? UAT offers a master’s program in Cyber Security to elevate your knowledge of ethical hacking.

    Dr Greg Miles Cyber Security at UAT

    Dr. Greg Miles, Cyber Security at UAT

    From the desk of Cyber Studies Program Champion Greg Miles…

    In working as an industry Security Consultant, I saw many different security discoveries that had a significant impact on the client’s operations.

    In my experience, the biggest threats for all organizations today are the complacency and actions of individuals within an organization. From an accidental opening of access to sensitive information to the intentional operation of an unauthorized or even illegal business, the employees can knowingly or not, cause the most damage.

    As an industry professional, I work to help clients identify security risks and make improvements to their security posture through a combination of closing vulnerabilities and continuous monitoring of their business operations.

    AntiMatter Security at Black Hat Briefings

    AntiMatter Security at Black Hat Briefings

    Industry conferences such as Black Hat and DEF CON are important to attend because:
    • Knowledge Transfer – The best and the brightest bring the newest information to these conferences. You also get to see the latest tools and techniques.
    • Networking – A chance to meet the people that are setting the future for our industry
    • Resume Builder – Having work experience or teaching experience at these conferences are great talking points when searching for employment

    UAT students are afforded the opportunity to work at paid volunteers each summer at Black Hat, with some being asked to stay and work as DEFCON Goons.

    Cyber Security alumni formed startup AntiMatter Security post graduation held a 2-day training last summer at Black Hat that taught industry professionals about their product, the Project Mayhem Kit.

    Find out if a career in network security is in your future.

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    CCDC Qualifier This Saturday at UAT

    CCDC Qualifier This Saturday at UAT

    (Jan 25, 2018)

    The Student Innovation Project (SIP) Fair is a event to show off semesters of student’s hard work and innovative ideas. In preparation, students conduct extensive research and overcome challenges as...

    Some very dedicated UAT Network Security students have been practicing as a team for the upcoming Western Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (WRCCDC) in March, but in order to reach the regionals, they first must qualify.

    The CCDC Qualifier takes place on Saturday, Jan. 27, and our students will compete from the Cyber Warfare Range on campus, from 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    “UAT is competing against over 16 other colleges and we are all Blue Teams, defending servers against the CCDC Red Team. They have practiced their skills for months and I wish them all good luck this Saturday,” said Professor Wayne Kibbe.

    The UAT WRCCDC Team has the brightest and most dedicated Network Security students that UAT has to offer. Thank you to Robert Thompson, Eric Dodge, Kelvin Ashton, Jeremy Bunce, Mitchell Blystone-Pemberton, Adam Morris, Jordan Rude and Luke Schloesser for filling out the competing roster.

    Team alternates include Josh Mikkelson, Ashley Pearson, Lily Spear and Jackson Nestler, who may be in the room during the competition to observe.

    Good luck Blue Team!

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    Veterans Day Celebration at UAT

    Veterans Day Celebration at UAT

    (Nov 01, 2017)

    Being a student can be a full-time job and for others enrolled in college, there may be other important external responsibilities such as jobs, families, and military obligations pulling them...

    Join UAT Foundation and Warriors Heart in acknowledging Veterans Appreciation Day!

    We know that active military, veterans, and first responders have a thirst to learn about technology.

    This year, UAT is excited to host a Veterans Day Open House and Silent Auction Fundraiser on Thursday, Nov. 9, in an equal partnership formed between the UAT Foundation and Warriors Heart Foundation.

    We invite any active military, veterans, and first responders to the Veterans Day Open House to celebrate our military locally and to learn more about cyber security. As a military-friendly school, UAT is excited to host a military-centric open house and information session for military personal interested in technology education.

    This open house will offer prospective military students the opportunity to learn about our unique degree programs, tour our technology-infused campus, connect with faculty, learn about scholarships/financial aid, and meet with campus staff to see if UAT is a good fit for your future.

    The service, dedication and sacrifices made by the men and women serving our nation in the United States military are recognized by University of Advancing Technology. Whether you are on active duty, are a reservist or are a veteran, UAT has a variety of program offerings, learning delivery options and financial aid opportunities that will allow you to achieve your educational goals in a way that meets your needs.

    Whether you are seeking to advance in a civilian career, complement your military skills or pursue a fresh path in advancing technology, UAT is committed to your success.

    UAT maintains ongoing relationships with several U.S. government organizations as a Center of Academic Excellence as designated by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security

    • UAT is a member of the Arizona Veterans Association
    • UAT is proud of its designation as a Military Friendly School
    • GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon approved
    • UAT has dedicated staff and resources that will allow you to work through the application, admissions and enrollment processes, as well as help you find available funding for your education

    Learn more about UAT’s Military Friendly School designation:

    The UAT Foundation is a scholarship foundation that seeks to locate and deliberately nurture individuals whose talents will make the world stronger through the creation of technology, ethically applied in society. Through scholarships designed to foster the learning of UAT students, the UAT Foundation exists to support the next generation of the change agents our world needs.

    The Warriors Heart Foundation seeks to assist military, veterans and first responders in accessing PTSD, alcohol and chemical dependency treatment at Warriors Heart with a mission to provide treatment for those who put their lives on the line for our safety. The WH Foundation works tirelessly to assist those who put their lives on the line for us every day in their time of greatest need.

    Your generous contribution will assist the University of Advancing Technology Foundation and the Warriors Heart Foundation in raising and award the funding that is critical to supporting our veterans and first responders into the next stage of their lives. Because both Foundations are 501(c)3 organizations, all donations are tax deductible.

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    Security on Consumer Handhelds

    Security on Consumer Handhelds

    (Oct 23, 2017)

    Five UAT Game Studios students worked on a project called, “The Wall: Unknown Stories, Unintended Consequences,” under the leadership of USA TODAY NETWORK and The Arizona Republic. After 15 weeks...

    Blog written by student Michael Bradley, UAT Network Security/ Network Engineering student

    Network Security is a growing field and with the increase in cyber warfare, it’s not slowing down. There has been a call to arms for more qualified applicants to enter the job market.

    Currently, one the main issues that we face is consumer privacy, which includes encryption, email privacy, and call privacy. There are a lack of consumer items on the market that can fulfill this security for its consumers. What I am currently brainstorming is a cellular device and laptop with the perfect level of privacy and secrecy. A device that not only fulfills the need for privacy but also gives the consumer confidence in the device they own.

    Currently, the only phones on the market with this plan are either over-priced or nowhere near user-friendly. Here are two examples:

    KryptAll Secure Encrypted TSCM Counter Surveillance iPhone 7 w/ No Call Records

    KryptAll Secure Encrypted TSCM Counter Surveillance iPhone 7


    Blackphone 2

    Blackphone 2

    The main one that strikes out is the Blackphone 2. The Blackphone 2 has a great concept. It takes everything the user wants in privacy incorporated into the phone, however the encryption isn’t exactly the highest to be achieved and there were many holes found in the security protocol for the phone.

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    UAT Hosted 2nd Annual Cyber Security Open House

    UAT Hosted 2nd Annual Cyber Security Open House

    (Oct 16, 2017)

    It’s wonderful when alumni return to UAT with good news! Evan Tappero who graduated last year with a degree in Game Design, gave us the scoop on the cool new...

    UAT held the 2nd Annual Cyber Security Open House on Thursday, Oct. 12, in conjunction with the national cause, Cyber Security Awareness Month.

    UAT Cyber Security professors Wayne Kibbe and Mason Galatas teamed up to present a slideshow on the basics of cyber security and how to protect yourself the best you can from hackers.

    Professor Wayne Kibbe said, “Cyber Security education is very important for several reasons. First, the demand for cyber security skills is rapidly growing and US Labor Department reports claim shortages for the foreseeable future. Second, as more and more devices connect to the internet, the chances of individuals getting hacked is increasing. A career in the field could be very rewarding by protecting not only individual consumers, but private businesses and government agencies as well.”

    Some important takeaways from the presentation include:

    • Online shopping is a risk – make sure to use credit cards versus debit cards due to extra built-in protection from credit card companies. Gift cards are even more secure.
    • Social media can give away too much personal information. Avoid sharing your address, phone number, birthdate and schools you or your family has attended. Also, don’t advertise on social media that you are on vacation. You’ll catch attention from the wrong people!
    Cyber Security - tips to stay safe online by UAT Cyber Security experts

    Cyber Security – tips to stay safe online by UAT Cyber Security experts

    • Social engineering – be careful what information you share with people who are randomly and overly curious in specific personal questions.
    • Free WiFi may look legit, but beware it could be disguised with a common name like “Starbucks Guest” so the customer is likely to assume it’s safe and for the use of Starbucks customers. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to be sure communications are safe, even on a public network.
    • Be aware of other tech in your house that may connect to the Internet such as an XBox, Smart TV’s, refrigerators, thermostats and more. These devices can be vulnerable to attacks, as well.
    • Update your software. Hackers commonly target software that does not update automatically because users are less likely to run updates regularly themselves. This can create opportunities for bad guys to infiltrate the program.
    • Passwords are hugely important so don’t be generic. If you struggle in creating a unique password, try multi-factor authentication. In addition to multi-factor authentications, applications such as Lastpass can create lengthy and random passwords for you.

    For more information on cyber security and how you can reach a higher level of training and education, please click to learn more about UAT.

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    UAT Promotes Cyber Security Awareness Month with Tips & Anecdotes

    UAT Promotes Cyber Security Awareness Month with Tips & Anecdotes

    (Oct 06, 2017)

    UAT Faculty to Teach EVIT’s Cyber Security Courses for College Credit UAT recognizes the deficit of skilled workers entering STEM careers and is proud to announce a partnership to kick...

    UAT has led the way in cyber security since the late 90s, writing the rule books for cyber security education in Arizona.

    Marking over 20 successful years since the inception of its elite Network Security degree program, UAT is proud to participate in Cyber Security Awareness Month, during the month of October, allowing our faculty of experts to share important information on cyber security with the public.

    UAT recognizes the importance of training cyber security experts, in its students, alumni, faculty and in local members of the community.

    We have compiled a few tips and anecdotes about our students below.

    From Cyber Security Program Champion Greg Miles:

    • Security isn’t an instant solution. It’s a lifetime process that must be integrated from the very first steps of any project.
    • Introducing the concepts of cyber security and identity protection at an early age, will help you in the battle against the bad guys a.k.a. hackers.
    • UAT provides students with a security education that includes traditional theory, extensive hands-on, innovation projects, and industry exposure. UAT strives to provide employers with well-rounded and well-educated employees to support this rapidly-growing field. We’re priming white hat, ethical hackers for good.
    • UAT students and alumni have the opportunity to work as paid volunteers at Black Hat and attend DEFCON. These epic experiences provide students with extensive exposure to multiple cyber security companies, which is better than any job fair, and awesome experience to add to their resume.
    UAT Cyber Security students at Black Hat

    UAT Cyber Security students at Black Hat

    From Network Security Professor Mason Galatas:

    • Cyber security is really, really important. These figures help illustrate why.
    • The network security attack surface is expected to reach 4 billion by 2020, just over two years from today. Cyber crime is expect to triple during this time. Now is the time to educate yourself.
    • A hack can cripple a company. A security breach, without appropriate remediation measures and response capability, both of which are expensive, can force a company out of business. According to the NCSA, 60 percent of small and medium companies that experience a data breach go out of business within six months.
    Cyber Security Awareness Month at University of Advancing Technology

    Professor Mason Galatas with Cyber Security Alumni Will Peterson

    From UAT President Jason Pistillo:

    • Having started a degree teaching students how to defend networks in 1998, we’ve helped contribute to the Arizona cyber security industry by pre-populating the talent pool for 20 years.
    • That’s allowed a record amount of cyber companies to germinate here in Arizona, Including Trusona (headed by Ori Eisen), Terraverde (Ed Vasko) and CellTrust (Sean Moshir).
    • With the momentum of talent and active cyber companies in Arizona, we have the opportunity to cement Arizona as a central hub for cyber security like the silicon valley of cyber.
    • Anyone can be a script kiddie, it’s takes brilliance, creativity and discipline to be a true cyber security professional and that’s why UAT is so passionate about making sure graduates have proven they have the skills, have competed and won multiple competitions including WRCCDC and created an innovation in their field.
    Cyber Security students at WRCCDC - Take 2nd Place

    Cyber Security students at WRCCDC – Take 2nd Place

    • Our information and privacy is becoming more precarious by the second. The more connected the world gets, the more vulnerable we are; but the worst part is the societal apathy that’s emerging towards breaches of confidential information, privacy and the disregard for Intellectual Property.

    Want to know more about cyber security from UAT’s experts?

    UAT is hosting a Cyber Security Open House on Oct. 12, with industry experts, faculty and alumni to offer tips on how to stay safe online and talk about the importance of Cyber Security education to the public.

    Learn more about protecting yourself online. Dive into what it’s like working for the Cyber Security Industry. Celebrate Cyber Security Awareness month on October 12, with a full slate of activities, industry talks, and topics involving some of industry’s top professionals. Don’t miss out on this incredible educational event!

    What: UAT Cyber Security Open House

    When: Thursday, Oct. 12, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

    Where: University of Advancing Technology: 2625 W. Baseline Rd. Tempe, AZ 85283

    Why: To celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month and educate the public on tips to stay safe online.

    RSVP on Eventbrite, space is limited.


    See you on Thursday night!


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    Cactus Con 2017

    Cactus Con 2017

    (Sep 20, 2017)

    Do you love video games? Our Game Studios students not only love to play games, but also spend a lot of time making them, too. Come see what UAT Game Studios...

    Cactus Con is a local cyber convention that began in 2012 and has been growing each year. Considered to be Arizona’s Defcon, Cactus Con may be the biggest local/regional hacking, cybersecurity conference in Arizona – not to mention, it was started in part by UAT alumni.

    This year Cactus Con will include a robotics village and organizers have asked UAT to run it. UAT Robotics Professor Joseph Horen will be on-hand at Cactus Con to show off robots, drones and answer questions about the program.

    UAT to host Robot Village at Cactus Con

    UAT to host Robot Village at Cactus Con

    UAT will also bring Rasberry Pi and Arduino tech applications. The idea is to have a hands-on, interactive area where the kids and teens can experience building with this technology, including IoT devices and/or Bots that can be coded to do things.

    UAT Network Security alumni and Antimatter Security COO Will Peterson said, “I can’t wait for this years’ Cactus Con! I’m happy to see professionals in local security groups getting involved in conferences and reaching out to the public. It’s great to have local talent collaborating for the better of our industry.”

    What: Cactus Con
    When: Saturday, September 30 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Where: Phoenix Convention Center

    Cactus Con participants can attend a variety of workshops, presentations and break-out sessions. Some topics include Cloud computing, Covert communications, Cryptography, Incident response, Malware detection, Framework vulnerabilities, Mobile security, Network reconnaissance and Social engineering.

    We hope to see you at Cactus Con on Sept. 30th!

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    AntiMatter Security Talk: Black Hat

    AntiMatter Security Talk: Black Hat

    (Sep 09, 2017)

    It’s summer at UAT and not only do we keep campus cool with fun club events and activities at the UAT Founder’s Hall dorms, students enrolled in various Network Security and Cyber...

    Last spring, five Cyber Security alumni created a startup company for penetration testing called AntiMatter Security, LLC.

    In previous years, these students volunteered at Black Hat Briefings as paid workers, but this year they returned to Black Hat as trainers teaching two 2-day classes they developed called “Attacks Over GSM With Project Mayhem.”

    The workshops taught participants new attack techniques to help defend networks and how to combine Red Team and Pen-tester prowess to create a less common attack tool, a device that participants will build at the training and can take home with them.

    With the new Project Mayhem Kit, it’s easier to think like a hacker thinks, engaging in a live environment with an innovative attack tool that you will build and deploy. In this completely hands-on training, you will demonstrate your new abilities to hack air-gapped systems and bypass perimeter defenses over a GSM network.

    AntiMatter Security at Black Hat Briefings

    AntiMatter Security at Black Hat Briefings

    The AntiMatter Security team would like to discuss their experience at this huge industry event, talk about how to navigate the industry and offer tips for current students.

    Attend this event at UAT:

    • Who: UAT alumni who formed startup AntiMatter Security, LLC
    • What: Follow-up to Black Hat Briefings – Talk and Q&A
    • When: Thursday, September 14, 4:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.
    • Where: UAT Theater
    • Why: To educate and share information with UAT Community

    The AntiMatter Security team is made up of William Peterson (Network Security, Technology Forensics), Stephen Chicosky (Network Security, Network Engineering), Kenny Welch (Network Security), Roger Brambila (Network Security, Advancing Computer Science) and Roger Allen (Network Security, Advancing Computer Science).

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    (Aug 10, 2017)

    Spec title sequence for the feature film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, created by student Charlotte Foley for DVA254 Motion Graphics class using Adobe After Effects. Related PostsNew DV...

    Data breaches, identity theft, phishing schemes and large scale hacks happen all day, every day. When solving cyber crimes, it’s challenging for a first responder to capture critical information from a computer at a crime scene in the heat of an investigation without the in-depth training that UAT Network Security students received.

    To solve this problem, Network Security alumni Will Peterson struck up a conversation with Professor Frank Griffiths, who teaches forensics at UAT and formerly worked for the Scottsdale District Attorney.

    Will and a four other Network Security put their heads together for their Student Innovation Project and created a device called V.A.S.T., Volatile Data Acquisition System and Technology, an offensive forensics tool.

    For example, if a police officer is at a crime scene serving a search warrant, V.A.S.T. gives them the ability to grab as much volatile data as possible from an open laptop in order to help solve a cyber crime before shutting down the computer.


    Normally when a computer is powered down, all memory is erased from the temporary position in memory, meaning important evidence could be erased, leaving less evidence to use against a cyber criminal in court. Without V.A.S.T., anything not backed up would be lost if the system was shut down.


    Student Innovation Project, VAST, with student Adam Brendan

    The idea is that any person at the civilian level or higher can provide immediate incident response without having any training or deep knowledge of Network Security.

    Professor Frank Griffiths is impressed with the device and can see how V.A.S.T. could be extremely helpful in solving cyber crimes.

    The team is interesting in further marketing and development on this innovative product.

    The team consists of: William Peterson (Network Security/Technology Forensics), Nathanial Stringer (Network Security/Technology Forensics), Adam Brendan, Ian Guile (Advancing Computer Science/ Network Security), Arthur Miramontes (Network Security).

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