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It all begins with a tour of UAT, where students and families see for themselves how this leading edge curriculum is uniquely suited to provide students passionate about technology an ideal place to live and grow. Scheduling a tour during UAT’s own unique events and activities provide opportunities for students to observe additional aspects of Geek Life.

Immerse Yourself 360 ° Tour

Check out our new 4K 360-degree video campus tour. Using the very latest equipment and software, we have created an amazing experience—view our facilities just like you’re actually here. For a truly immersive experience, run the YouTube app on your smartphone, find a spinning chair, cue the video, then spin!

Fly By Drone Tour

We call ourselves University of Advancing Technology and we’re quite serious about that — especially the Advancing part — even when it comes to virtual tours. With a drone as your tour guide, go airborne to experience a day in the life of UAT students learning, experiencing and innovating. The sky’s the limit.

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Our campus system’s technology capabilities are built on enterprise server architecture. The datacenter contains more than 100 servers dedicated to production and student use. The University deploys enough workstations for local system usage for all users. One-third of them on-campus are replaced each year. These workstations have a minimum of 4GB of RAM (about a third of the workstations have 6GB of RAM), Nvidia video cards, and connect to the server environment with a 100MB switched Ethernet connection. When necessary, the University deploys additional, specialty workstations for specific uses.


Founder’s Hall is just two minutes across the quad from your classes and is the perfect complement to the UAT classroom experience. Founder’s has full wireless coverage and basic cable in every room. The high-definition Movie Room is equipped with a 120-inch, 1080p projection screen and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound. The residence hall’s Think Tanks are unique, soundproof rooms equipped with whiteboards, monitors and workspace to help you and your friends plan out the next big innovation. Second floor community space includes three lounges to play foosball, ping pong, cards or challenge your peers to epic video game competitions in our newly designed Video Game Lounge. Even the laundry facility is connected to the Internet so you can check to see if the machines are open or in use! And the Fitness Center has all the equipment you need to stay in top shape including a treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, bench and free weights.


UAT’s New Technology (NT) Lab provides an innovation sandbox where, together under one roof, a variety of leading-edge, prototype technologies converge for students to explore and shape new ideas, collaborate in a shared learning environment, and innovate tomorrow’s next great thing. What’s even more exciting is that the lab is a living, breathing space that will change as technology evolves. The New Technology Lab includes work stations for Apple Development, Mobile Development, Game Development, Virtual Reality, Mind Control and Motion Control. All students can gain access to the space and its technology by checking out a key from the Bindery.


UAT Makers Fab Lab is equipped with the latest 3D printers, maker bots, CNC cutters and the software and knowledge guidance that students need to bring innovative ideas to life. The Digital Maker Fab Lab is designed to foster creativity and challenge student innovators with a 24/7 environment for those who seek to lead the new industrial revolution driven by the convergence of advancing technologies.


In 2010 UAT received a grant from the Department of Defense (DoD) to build a state-of-the-art cyber warfare range as a unique, high-tech learning space for the network security degree and related programs. The room contains a HD webcam to stream online lectures, flexible new computers and wireless access for up to 30 students. Static-free carpet lines the floors and the walls are coated with Wi-Fi paint to block wireless signals from entering the classroom. The initial design planning for this learning space took over a year because each technology degree program and respective learning objectives were carefully examined to consider all resource needs.


The studio includes a green screen and compositing features that provide technology degree students the opportunity to capture photo, film and digital media into other works, predominately animation, games and digital video. The studio’s other main feature is the state-of-the-art motion capture equipment. At this advanced technology University, students can experience tracking and capturing live human motion and applying those motions to digitally created characters and/or models.


This studio is a uniquely designed space where students have hands-on opportunities to build utilizing current technology and supplies. The University provides a wide range of tools and basic raw materials for woodworking, plastic working, light metalworking, and electronics construction and debugging. The studio is open for any student to use 24/7, although you’ll frequently find Robotics and Embedded systems students there because it’s the home of UAT’s robots, particularly Murphy, our 3 1/2 foot tall robot that our Artificial Life Programming and Robotics and Embedded Systems students use to learn autonomous robot programming.


The design of this studio was based on commercial-grade facilities. The studio is an open space for the campus community to use on projects related to animation, digital video and games. Here, technology degree students can perform editing, compositing and sound recording activities.


UAT’s central Commons is outfitted with an abundance of computer workstations and an extensive technology infrastructure. Student and faculty learning and resource areas are designed to foster working in collegial groups, providing flexibility and much needed access to technology. Food services, library and student social areas are adjacent to enhance student life and collaborative learning.


With VMware View, UAT provides a high tech, high touch focus on the student experience that makes it possible for online students to access all programs and applications as if they were sitting on campus. This virtualization platform provides secure access to the University’s resources including the entire desktop, operating system, applications and data with unmatched quality, speed and security.



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