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Welcome from the Provost

University of Advancing Technology (UAT) has a long lineage of graduating bright, driven students who make a difference in the world with technology. As the Provost of UAT, I’m so excited that your child is considering joining the ranks of today’s and tomorrow’s advancing technology innovators.

At UAT, your child will receive a well-rounded technology education focused on learning how to think and how to work collaboratively. While here, they will grow to possess a deep and comprehensive understanding of advancing technology; not just how to best work with contemporary technology, but how to adapt and utilize technology as it advances and transforms.

The University is a great place for young adults to flourish and come into their own. Each individual is different, and we support every unique ability and quirk our students have. As a tight-knit University, we all take care of each other and propel each other forward to leave our digital prints on the world. Our safe and interactive campus provides many opportunities for developing new interests, enhancing existing interests, and expanding and building friendships that will continue for years to come. Students are challenged to expand their horizons with new perspectives and to learn and grow from a values-oriented environment—all on the edge of advancing technology.

We’re dedicated to your student’s success. That dedication is reflected in the quality of teaching, proactive and thoughtful approach to advising, and one-on-one mentorship. Through this, all students will be prepared to create, innovate, and provide leadership in their chosen fields.


Majors at UAT

Students are challenged to explore new and traditional concepts, then practice what they learn in real-world situations to achieve their full potential in a variety of technology degrees and leave their digital print at UAT.

UAT is accredited by the higher learning commision



UAT is a small, private technology university that develops skills far beyond ordinary colleges, but it is also surprisingly affordable, more so than most private colleges or out-of-state tuition at state schools. The University makes every attempt to ensure that all qualified students can attend with the help of financial aid, scholarships and grants.

UAT understands how important financial aid is to the majority of our students, and we are aware that every family situation is different. Our Admissions Advisors will help you explore your options.

Learn more about financial aid available to your student.

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Scholarships Your Student Can Earn From UAT

As an institution, we work hard to ensure that a UAT education represents a clearly affordable alternative when compared to many other private four-year colleges or to the cost of out-of-state tuition at a public college.

In addition to financial aid resources, UAT seeks to award scholarships to on-campus, undergraduate students who have shown success or strong academic potential. Scholarship amounts vary and range, with the maximum range applied over eight semesters, and are determined at application for admission. Scholarships are for undergraduate and on-campus students only, with the exception of the Continuation Scholarship. For all current information regarding UAT scholarships and financial aid, please see the UAT Catalog.

Visit uat.edu/tuition for more information on scholarships and financial aid.

Merit Scholarships

The University is seeking students who demonstrate strong academic success, a commitment to technology and a deep passion for learning and technology.

Innovator Scholarship:

Up to $40,000

Futurist Scholarship:

Up to $32,000

Premier Thinker Scholarship:

Up to $24,000

Learning Scholarship:

Up to $12,000

Excellence Scholarship:

Up to $8,000

UAT Experience Scholarship:

Up to $4,000

Murphy Robotics Scholarship: Up to $40,000

The UAT Murphy Robotics Scholarship is awarded to active participants in the FIRST Robotics Competition, the FIRST Tech Challenge, the VEX Robotics Competition, the TSA-VEX Competition or the BEST Robotics Competition for their academic success and continued participation in programs related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Dancers of Ballet Arizona Scholarship: Approximately $50,000

In a relief effort to provide retiring dancers an opportunity to pursue higher education outside of ballet, a half-tuition scholarship to attend UAT will be awarded to dancers from Ballet Arizona.

Alma Mater Pride Scholarship: $8,000

UAT offers an Alma Mater Pride Scholarship to students recommended to the University through our alumni network.

Continuation Scholarship: $4,400

UAT is offering a scholarship to students electing to continue their education at UAT with the pursuit of a master’s degree.

UAT Yellow Ribbon Scholarship: Varies

As part of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program, UAT will award scholarship funds to eligible on-campus and online undergraduate and graduate students.

Warriors Heart Veteran Scholarship: Approximately $50,000

Designated a Military Friendly institution, UAT and Warriors Heart have partnered to encourage U.S. veterans to take the next steps towards their future once they are ready to leave the healing community at Warriors Heart.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale Community Scholarship: Approximately $50,000

UAT is committed to supporting and educating young people of all cultures, backgrounds and orientations to prepare them for an innovative career in technology.


student services

To assist with the enrollment process, your student will have a New Student Advisor who helps with:

  • Requesting official transcripts
  • Transfer credit evaluations
  • Housing process
  • Course registration
  • Student life and club information
  • Selecting a meal plan
  • CONNECT (Orientation)

While attending the University, your student has access to Student Services:

  • Academic advising
  • Course registration
  • Individual check-ins
  • Student/faculty concerns
  • Resource referral/student success strategies
  • Degree advising
  • Personal concerns


Passionate Academics & Elite
Industry Professionals

The University is comprised of passionate academics and elite professionals who are experts in fields of advancing technology. Focused on educating the next wave of innovators, UAT faculty leverage their experiences to mentor students to scale and lead current and future challenges in advancing technology.

With extensive experience in their respective fields, UAT faculty offer students first-hand knowledge of industry issues and trends, ensuring students are always learning at the leading edge of technology.

At a state school, it can be hard for students to gain momentum and leave their digital print. But at an intimate university like UAT, there is a long line of students who are just like your child, and an entire support staff to mentor and enrich their college experience.

Meet our Faculty
*Based on Fall 2021 data. Average class size represents on-ground courses only, as class size is less relevant for online and virtual courses. Class size is calculated by dividing the census at the noted start by the number of active class sections supporting that population. Faculty to student ratio is calculated using the same census number divided by the number of actively teaching faculty at the same point in time. **Each semester retention is finalized within three weeks of the semester end date. The Fall 2021 retention statistics were calculated based on overall retention (average of all modalities) for the semester ending December 19, 2021. The overall retention was calculated on January 10, 2022. Retention data displayed is based on a student’s persistence from one semester to the next. The formula used to determine semester persistence is the approved Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education retention rate calculation. The starting population are all students expected to persist into that semester including: actively attending students, students on a leave of absence and graduating students whose graduation are not processed before the first day of the semester. To this, new enrollments for the semester are added to obtain the total semester enrollment. Withdrawals during that semester are subtracted from the period enrollment. The new total period enrollment is divided by the initial total period enrollment to calculate the retention percentage. The formula is written as followed: (Total Period Enrollment – Withdrawals)/Total Period Enrollment = Retention Rate. The calculation date for Total Period Enrollment is the day prior to the start of the following semester. For the Fall 2021 semester beginning on September 7, 2021, the Total Period Enrollment was finalized on January 9, 2022. The undergraduate retention rate includes all on-campus and online students. Applying this same calculation and points-in-time to the Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 semester retention calculations, the following is true: The Spring 2021 retention statistics were calculated based on overall retention for the semester ending May 2, 2021, the overall retention was calculated on May 24, 2021. For the Spring 2021 semester beginning on January 11, 2021, the Total Period Enrollment was finalized on May 9, 2021. The Summer 2021 retention statistics were calculated based on overall retention for the semester ending August 22, 2021, the overall retention was calculated on September, 2021. For the Summer 2021 semester beginning on May 10, 2021, the Total Period Enrollment was finalized on September 6, 2021.

The College

The College Experience — Why AZ?

Understandably, every parent has mixed emotions about their child going away to college. The college experience marks the beginning of real independence that can take a while to get used to. You’ve done your best to influence their values, habits, morals, ethics, manners and more. Now it’s time to mold their clay into a professional whose gifts and interests are aligned with their greatest potential.

Helping your student ensure they are a great fit is one of the biggest roles a parent plays in the college selection process. At UAT, your creator, innovator and technophile is completely supported—emotionally, academically and socially.

Located in beautiful sunny Arizona, UAT is one of the leading technology universities in the country. If your student has an undeniable passion for technology, this is the place for them. Our entire culture focuses on the value of learning and the adventure of innovating with technology.

For your student to venture beyond what is familiar offers them the opportunity to grow immeasurably and become better prepared for their advancing technology career… and life. Plus, they will enjoy the thrill of discovery along the way as they experience personal growth with new perspectives, expand their horizons, make new friends and put their digital print on the world to make a difference with technology.

college experience

Residence life

At UAT, residence life is a unique aspect of the collegiate experience that fosters students’ emotional, intellectual and social development. Combined with UAT’s technology-infused campus, living in Founder’s Hall provides students the full breadth of everything UAT has to offer. Within Founder’s Hall, the residence life staff creates and nurtures connections through activities, clubs and enlightening programming. The UAT residential life program supports our residents through the transition from dependence to independence and achieving their role as a positive force in society.

Explore student housing

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