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Advertising Art degree, Bachelor of Art (BA)


Advertising and art are all around us. Whether on websites or TV, in magazines or digital media, the creative work of advertising artists are everywhere. The Advertising Art Bachelor's Degree at University of Advancing Technology (UAT) will develop students' artistic abilities and provide hands-on experience.

Advertising Art students will learn how to translate ideas through concept, design, production and implementation. UAT teaches students how to use the most advanced creative production tools and use design and advertising principles in new mediums.

Degree-seeking students will learn about the history and evolution of advertising as it relates to art, and create in mediums including visual design, photography, drawing and digital media within a working agency environment.

Graduates will be prepared to take positions related to the fast-paced fields of digital marketing and graphic design where they can help organizations enhance customer acquisition and retention. 

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  • Apply the principles and elements of design for both online and offline deliverables.
  • Leverage the understanding of human behavior and conditioning to influence choice and decision-making using innovative methods and systems.
  • Follow branding guidelines on all visual communication to maintain a consistent and cohesive message through design and execution.
  • Create 2D, 3D and multi-media assets that incorporate compelling storytelling for the promotion of people, products and organizations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to build quality content that includes video, photography, web design and visual effects using the most advanced digital tools for media consumption.
  • Learn best practices and utilize tools that model creative agency environments and production studios.
Synchronic Learning: superior graduates, mentored education, flexible Syncflex learning.


UAT’s Synchronic Learning model provides an education framework that prepares superior graduates to become tomorrow’s innovators. This model embodies UAT’s methodologies, curricula and community dedicated to fostering an environment of innovation that promotes demonstrated mastery and job readiness.

How does UAT prepare superior graduates? Students are required to participate in projects that solve real problems. UAT requires students to innovate and create a working proof of concept that’s never been done before. Students complete internships, community projects and apprenticeship experiences to cultivate their ability to succeed in the workplace.





Principles for Research

Information: Is It Reliable? Information is not difficult to find. Search engines utilize web databases, reviewers’ blogs and RSS feeds. Practicing research techniques that help you become adept at locating the information you need is easy. But how do you know if the information is accurate or relevant?   So, we need an understanding...

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Easy Rearranging

Last semester, Audra Jackson (Advertising Art) was helping her boyfriend and his roommates rearrange their furniture through the use of digital graphing. This sparked an idea — what if there was a service that allowed people to see their room rearranged without actually moving their furniture? Thus, Easy Rearranging was born....

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Reach My Rainbow Learning About Color

Earlier this year, Aubrey Dahl (Advertising Art) was hired to host a painting-themed party for a group of eight-year-old girls. She prepared canvases with art for the girls to paint. While the girls were painting, Aubrey asked them questions about the colors they were using and mixing. Unsurprisingly, there were some aspects to color and...

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Commencement Ceremony

Filing the Arizona STEM Pipeline

UAT Accreditation and Recognition

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Approved by the Student and Exchange Visitor Information Systems (SEVIS) for training of foreign students


Network Security curriculum certified by the US National Security Agency's Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation program