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This University is comprised of passionate academics and elite professionals who are experts in the field of advancing technology. Focused on educating the next wave of innovators, faculty at this prestigious technology University leverage their experiences to mentor their technology degree students to scale and lead current and future challenges in advancing technology. 

UAT faculty members come from all around the world and all share a passion for technology and teaching. As leaders in their respected areas of advancing technology, faculty many times can and do earn much more in industry, although they live to teach the brightest minds with powerful one-on-one relationships. Our faculty is here because they love the thrill of teaching the next generation of technology leaders.

This group of hand-picked industry gurus and education mavens will be at their students' sides providing a guiding hand, passionate inspiration and a wealth of knowledge from the moment students step into their classrooms to the moment they earn their technology degrees.

Past Winners

  • Summer 2021 - Craig Belanger
  • Spring 2021 - Dr. Mark Smith
  • Fall 2020 - Dr. Jill Coddington
  • Summer 2020 - Lynn Understiller
  • Spring 2020 - Aaron Jones
  • Fall 2019 - Tony Hinton
  • Summer 2019 - Matt Marquit
  • Spring 2019 - Dapzury Valenzuela

Matt Marquit

“Marquit is one of the greats. He uses a flipped classroom to provide ample time, previews and resources for projects so students know in advance what they will be working on and what is expected. This also provides as much targeted time for projects as possible for students to bring specific questions / work needs to class. He's a pretty happy person, is fun to be around, and definitely cares for the well-being of his students. He works hard and challenges his students to do the same, and he always makes himself available to help.”

GAA240 Student

Alan Hromas

“Incredible teacher and my favorite one at UAT thus far. He always has such great energy and positivity and it really helps me and the other students engage during class.”

MKT120 Student

Dapzury Valenzuela

“There are not enough words that can describe just how awesome this professor is. She is fair and shows that she genuinely cares about students. Not to mention she always has a smile and is upbeat. I am not sure that this instructor has ever had a bad day. If she has she never shows it and is always eager to help her students do better.”

SIP401 Student

Tony Hinton

“Tony is by far one of my favorite professors at UAT. He is kind, motivational, and bends over backward to assist every student when they need help.”

CSC370 Student

Dr. Mark Smith

“Dr. Mark has a great attitude and energy he brings to every lecture. He is great about communicating and always got back to me within a few hours and always the same day."

MGT320 Student

Maureen Beam

“This professor made sure to state that her students come first and she is always willing to help or guide us towards a better and more polished assignment completion. She will always have feedback even if you get 100% on an assignment; offering tips on small details we may have missed or something unique to add to make our work more interesting.”

ENG102 Student

Ellen Wolterbeek

“Elle shows a great deal of empathy for her students. You can feel the genuine desire to help students succeed. There is a wide variety of abilities in this class and by no means is this an easy topic to teach. She does well, encouraging people with her feedback.”

COM226 Student

Jorge Portillo

“I think Professor Portillo is a wonderful professor to introduce students to the world of art and animation. He is very helpful and responsive to questions. I hope to see him in the next 5 weeks for GAA110 as well.”

GAA105 Student

Full-time faculty

Maureen Beam


As a dedicated English Professor, Maureen loves to inspire her students in a variety of ways. Her skill and passion encourage her students to become effective writers and communicators. Through her enthusiastic lectures and live chats, her students know that she cares about developing their writing skills. Communicating frequently with her students via emails, announcements, and discussion boards, she likes to stay in touch with reminders, tips, and positive reinforcement. Professor Beam constantly strives to find new ways to engage her students and promote learning. She encourages hands-on experience and heavy class participation. She teaches her students to apply writing skills to their academic, professional, and personal lives and if possible, accepts late work without penalty.

Craig Belanger

Program Chair

Professor Belanger is the Program Chair for General Education/Core and teaches across several areas in the Humanities, including literature, creative writing and composition, and cultural studies. During his career as a writer and editor, he has served as chief editor for The Journal of Advancing Technology, coordinating editor for a reference series on the 2000s, and written numerous articles on history and culture for print and online journals. Two films have been adapted from his works (a stage play and a short story), and he was the screenwriter of a Department of Justice documentary on the end of segregation in Arizona. He is in the third year of completing a novel—The Boy in Ruins—that should only have taken him one year to write, if he’s being honest. He is also the cowboy in a Violent Femmes video directed by a UAT alum.

Selected Credits
- The Journal of Advancing Technology (editor-in-chief)
- The 2000s in America (Great Neck Press, coordinating editor) 
- "Fast Horses" (actor, short)
- My Apocalypse (screenwriter, feature based on original play)
-  "Splitsville" (screenwriter, short based on an original short story)

Dr. David Bolman

Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Provost Bolman has focused his career upon the profound need for a substantial and diverse workforce within Arizona and the nation. As its long-standing provost, Dr. Bolman has built the University of Advancing Technology (UAT) into a unique, all-STEM institution that marries the best of a traditional, small, private college with the genetics of innovation that come with agile technology organizations. As an educator, he has focused on cultivating a base of technology students and future inventors. As a technologist, he has worked to create a university where the culture of innovation and creation is so regular and celebrated that the goal for each student is to graduate having worked on numerous teams and built complete solutions again and again.

Dr. Bolman has researched, written and spoken on the nature of technology and how to successfully lead innovation. He is an alumni of Valley Leadership and currently serves as its Past Board Chair. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Technology Council and the AZPBS community board.

Sharon Bolman

Senior Professor

Professor Bolman has over 30 years of volunteer and professional experience in the performing arts including theater, modern dance, ballet, and orchestra. With over fifteen teaching experience, she considers her greatest accomplishments to be her alumni. Whenever an alumnus comes back to ask her opinion on something they’ve created, or requests her notes on a current project then she knows that she's contributed to their professional development and success. Her alumni have gone on to work on such television series as “Game of Thrones," "Once Upon a Time," and "The Crown," and have worked on feature films including the Avengers franchise, "Avatar," and "Sharknado." 

In 2021, Professor Bolman's short story The Professor's Lesson will be published in Malice Domestic 16: Mystery Most DiabolicalFinal Curtain is in Malice Domestic’s 2020 anthology Mystery Most Theatrical.  Another mystery short story, Carne Diem(2019), is published in Anthony Award-winning Malice Domestic 14: Mystery Most Edible. Her short mystery Death on Tap (2017), is published in Sisters in Crime Desert Sleuths Anthology, SoWest: Killer Nights. Check out her recipes and writing tips included in Recipes to Kill For (2019). She has also edited projects that include prize-winning short films and published novels.

Professor Bolman loves everything about writing, theater, and film. Each medium provides a different viewpoint for connecting with an audience.

Dr. David Brokaw


Dr. David Brokaw specializes in the cultural and social history of the United States. His classes include - The History of Mass Media, The History of Madness, The History of Race & Class in America, and The Twilight Zone & Postwar America. Additionally, Brokaw teaches U.S. history survey classes and a course on contemporary global issues. He believes using music, popular culture, and digital media are great ways to make a history class come alive and spark critical thought and discussion. His current project, "Televising the American Nightmare: The Twilight Zone and Postwar Social Criticism” analyzes the ways writers and artists attempted to elude censorship during the 1950s and 60s by cloaking social commentary in science fiction, horror, and fantasy. Brokaw has lived and worked in a variety of places, including Spain, England, Turkey, and Russia. He's passionate about understanding the social implications of technology and media throughout history and into the 21st Century and loves teaching history to technology students!

Jeremy Bunce

Program Support Specialist

Jeremy and I grew up right here in Arizona. He is a UAT graduate and former Student Ambassador. The passion he has for technology started with being the lead programmer for his robotics club in high school. He takes part in capture the flag and hackathon competitions.  In his free time, he likes to play Dungeon & Dragons and video games.

Derric Clark

Program Chair

Professor Clark has the passion and talent to work within multiple areas of technology and find the opportunities in the intersections of technologies in order to solve problems or find innovative solutions that create new products. One of his greatest strengths is looking at situations from different perspectives and applying different models of thinking to arrive at creative solutions. Throughout his tenure at UAT, he has applied these abilities to create curriculum, programs, software, and projects resulting in successful completion and positive impacts to those involved, both clients and colleagues. Professor Clark specializes in game program development, product development and project leadership.

Dr. Jill Coddington

Program Chair

Dr. Jill Coddington is a professor and Advancing Computer Science (ACS) Program Champion at UAT, teaching courses in AI, web, computer science, and robotics.

She received a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado, an MBA from the University of Phoenix, a master’s in Software Engineering from Regis University, and her PhD at the Union Institute in Mathematics and Applied Computer Science.

Dr. Coddington is a rocket scientist who started coding doing trajectories for the Navy as a contractor. After that, she switched to video game programming for 10 years, then worked in business analytics, and finally business programming before becoming UAT’s lead in ACS.

Dr. Steven Cofrancesco


Dr. Cofrancesco is an experienced strategist, evaluator and professor of strategic management and leadership. He has spent years working in the management consulting industry, skilled in strategy formulation, program development and evaluation, oversight and accountability, and research. Professor Cofrancesco’s PhD is focused on strategy formulation and strategic cognition. He is currently publishing a paper on strategic cognition that won the Best Paper Award from the Academy of Management. He has taught business to the U.S. Peace Corps in the former Soviet Republic of Turkmenistan (Central Asia), and as an entrepreneur, Dr. Cofrancesco has created both small private and small nonprofit organizations.

Nathan Glover


Professor Nathan Glover is UAT’s foundational science course instructor, teaching Astronomy, Earth Science, Environmental Science, and Physics. 

He holds an undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, majoring in Earth and Space Science and Secondary Education, a master’s degree from the University of Denver in Environmental Science, focusing on Energy and Sustainability, and a second master’s from Grand Canyon University in Educational Administration. Professor Glover has also completed all the course work for a Doctorate degree in Higher Educational Leadership from GCU and is currently in the process of completing his dissertation. 

Prior to becoming a university professor, Professor Glover served in the United States Marine Corps and operated as a Line Infantrymen and Weapons Instructor until his honorable discharge in 2005. Following his enlistment and education, he advanced to become a High School educator, instructing at various high need high schools throughout the Phoenix Valley.

Dr. Hue Henry


Dr. Henry has always had a firm belief that gaming - video games in particular - can be used to change the world for the better. In addition to teaching Game Design and Programming at the college level, he studies how educators and corporate trainers can take advantage of games and video-game technologies to improve learning, retention, transfer, and performance. In other words: he's interested in building games that help players "level up" in real life. Dr. Henry specializes in Game Design (content/narrative design and systems design), scripting/programming, project management, team leading,  production and GSD/TCOB.

Tony Hinton


Professor Hinton teaches AI, Augmented Reality, Mobile Application development, and the Art of Computer Programming. He has been writing code since 1980 and working as a Software Engineer since 1990. During his first quarter of a century as a software engineer and trainer at Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. and Europe, he had a behind-the-scenes seat determining how turning caffeine into code drives different industries.

Having worked almost 15 years at IBM for part of his career, he knows ancient technology such as UNIX, CP/M, DOS, and OS/2. One of his hobbies is software archeology and exorcisms on retro computing.

Other and more normal hobbies include traveling with family, practicing traditional martial arts, and MST3K.

He also has numerous industry certifications, including MCP, MCT, MCSE, and MCSD. Currently, he is earning his second master’s degree.

Alan Hromas


Professor Hromas is an accomplished, senior marketing professional with broad admissions, financial aid and operations experience. He enjoys the challenge of overseeing all aspects of marketing from concept to final execution, as well as, the coordination of staff, vendors, and third-party affiliates. Professor Hromas' areas of expertise include: strategic business planning, regulatory and compliance, research and trend analysis, operational capacity, brand awareness and management, public relations, creative development, budget planning and management, SEO/SEM and social media, crisis management and leadership.

Aaron Jones

Program Chair

Professor Jones is the lead Cyber Instructor at the University of Advancing Technology and is a software developer who currently creates applications for law enforcement. He is also an AZ Peace Officer Standards and Training certified General Instructor as well as a public speaker. He earned a BS, in Computer Information Systems from Park University in 2013 and an MA, in Intelligence Analysis with a focus in Cyber Security in 2014. Professor Jones has been the recipient of recognition from the El Paso Police Department, State Of Texas, Texas Military Forces, Chandler Police Department, and others.

Professor Jones is also active in the community as the founder of the Phoenix Linux Users Group Cyber Security Meetup and regularly teaches members of the public a myriad of topics related to Cyber Security. His audience includes students, teachers, law enforcement, military, government officials, and concerned members of the public with a strong desire to learn what is going on in the world of technology.

Kendra Kim


Matthew Marquit


Steve Merka


Dr. Greg Miles, CISSP, CISA, CISM


Dr. Miles has been teaching in UAT's Cyber Studies program for over 15 years. He is the principal of Peak Security in Colorado. His background in technology and information security is extensive and includes teaching at Black Hat, serving as editor in chief at The Security Journal and being a security consultant.  

Professor Miles enjoys custom woodworking and is a Master Craftsman. His skills date back to when he was growing up and working with his father, who instilled a deep pride in workmanship and customer service.

Adam Moore


Doug Perez


Professor Perez is a data expert who loves his work and enjoys the challenge of creative problem solving! He constantly strives to find new challenges and opportunities at creating better data repositories, more efficient automation, and 100% dependable reporting.

Professor Perez specializes in:

- Expert in SQL Server Versions 2005 – 2017, including: Data Architecture and Modeling for all business applications, T-SQL – Database scripting, stored procedures, functions, triggers, etc., ETL Development, Configuration, Maintenance, and Deployment (SSIS and many others), Report Development, Deployment, and Infrastructure in SSRS, Power BI, and Tableau among many, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Development and Deployment in SSAS, Installation and upgrade of SQL Server hardware and software, Database Administration, including Backup/Restore, Disaster Recovery, and Encryption, Transactional Replication, SQL Server Service Broker – Implementation and Maintenance

- Trained Statistician and Data Scientist employing: complex algorithm development, Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Environments, R and Python languages, Pandas, GGPlot, NumPy, TidyVerse, and many other use-case specific packages, Embedded Data Visualization using Jupyter and Knit

- Strong knowledge of Windows Server

- Extensive experience developing software in .NET, Java, Python, and others

Heather Peters


Professor Peters received her bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in secondary education mathematics and her master’s degree in education from Northern Arizona University. She has also taken math graduate classes through Texas Tech University.  After teaching high school math in a public school for 11 years, she taught English overseas in a remote town in China, before joining the family at University of Advancing Technology as a mathematics professor in 2016.  She has co-developed courses for business mathematics and a joint math and science course, along with teaching everything from college algebra to calculus.

Jorge Portillo


Professor Portillo teaches Game Art & Animation at the University of Advancing Technology with a specialty in project management, course development, 2D and 3D game art asset creation, and production. Aside from teaching, he owns Thinkjorge Designs specializing in advertising art and assisting with art direction for technology start-ups.

Game Project Management
Game Art & Animation Course Development 
Design Consulting 
3D and 2D Design Aesthetics
Graphic Design
Game Asset Creation & Integration 
Web Design 

Software Proficiency: 
Autodesk 3Ds Max ( Video Game Modeling, Animating, Texturing and Rigging) 
Adobe Photoshop (Image manipulation and Digital Painting) 
Adobe Illustrator (Vector Art and Product Design)
Adobe After Effects (Animation composting) 
Adobe Sound Forage (Audio Development)
Unreal Game Engine (Game Asset Integration) 
Pixelogic Zbrush (High Poly Modeling)

Matthew Prater


Dr. Mark Smith, IFBB Pro

Program Chair

Dr. Mark “the Shark” Smith is motivated and self-directed. He possesses excellent analytical and interpersonal skills to complement his work ethic. He loves an environment that is challenging, rewarding and promotes teamwork, cooperation with accomplishment; a very professional and pleasant demeanor compliments these skills. He always wants to achieve his fullest potential in any industry and thrive with new challenges.

Lynn Understiller


Professor Lynn Understiller is a dedicated professional artist/animator with over 30 years of experience in 3D & 2D art/animation digital and traditional production, always on time and on budget. She has worked on concept art and commercial Illustration since 1976, and is proficient in Maya, Max, MotionBuilder, ZBrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Aftereffects, and Illustrator, as well as various proprietary, audio, post-production, mocap and other programs.

She is an artist in both traditional methods and new techniques, including sculpting, painting, animation, film, stage, graphic design, and illustration, with diverse styles from photorealism to cartoon/caricature. She has worked on a number of award-winning products and has numerous IMDb credits in more than 40 Live Studio and field productions. For gaming, Professor Understiller works with UE4, Unity, Crytek, and proprietary game engines. She is a 3D & 2D Senior/veteran mentor, skilled in game development for Xbox and PS3.  

Her specialties include cut Scenes requiring character modeling, rigging, animation, facial, lip-sync, environments, lighting and particle FX (real-time or pre-rendered). Professor Understiller is also a certified ScrumMaster.

Dapzury Valenzuela


Dapzury Valenzuela is a marketing and design professional with over 20+ years of industry experience and 15+ years as a post-secondary educator. She is the Art Direction Professor at the University of Advancing Technology. She also runs the Student Innovation Project for all majors helping them to create, develop and present their tech-based product or service. She works in both traditional and digital formats using the Adobe Creative Suite with a specialty in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Dapzury is also a Brand & Marketing Consultant through her LLC, Haute Pro, helping people, startups and businesses reach their goals through her extensive knowledge in brand development, inbound marketing, and visual content creation. Her clients range from STEM-based academies to virtual reality in fashion.

Branding (Logos)
Graphic Design
Inbound & Content Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Art & Creative Direction
Project Management
Web & UI Design
Business Development
Entrepreneurship & Startups

RaLen Watson-Davis

Program Support Specialist

Dr. Ellen Yarborough


Dr. Daniel Pike


Ronald Zabawa


Dr. Brendly Clark Singleton


Bill Slater


Jake Perrine


Adjunct Faculty

Scott Beemer, JD

Adjunct Professor

JD, American College
PhD, Criminal Justice, Lexington University
MS, Criminal Justice, Lexington University Urbana
BS, Law Enforcement Management, Lasalle University

Robert Benton

Adjunct Professor

MS, Information Assurance, University of Advancing Technology
BS, Nuclear Technologies, Arizona State University

Kelly Berns

Adjunct Professor

MS, Information Technology, Arizona State University

BS, Information Technology, Arizona State University

Dr. Mark Bowles

Adjunct Professor

PhD, History, Case Western Reserve University
MS, Technology Management Services, University of Phoenix
BS, Psychology, University of Akron

Bradley Bush

Adjunct Professor

MS, International Economics, Johns Hopkins University
MS, Industrial Mathematics, Utah State University
BS, International Studies, Utah State University

Tejas Chopra

Adjunct Professor

MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

BS, Electrical Engineering, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

Sean Edgeington

Adjunct Professor

PhD, Management, Walden University

MBA, Wireless Security, Keller Graduate School of Management

Drew Foster

Adjunct Professor

MS Biological Sciences, Eastern Illinois University
BS, Zoology, Eastern Illinois University

Amanda Frei

Adjunct Professor

MS, Community Counseling, University of Phoenix
BS, Psychology, University of Arizona

Frank Griffitts

Adjunct Professor

BS, Management, Grand Canyon University

Alex Lai

Adjunct Professor

MS, Engineering, Arizona State University
BS, Engineering, Arizona State University

Robert Marberry

Adjunct Profesor

MS, Information Technology, Southern New Hampshire University

BS, Design/Psychology, Texas A & M University

Cameron Miller

Adjunct Professor

MS, Cybersecurity, Grand Canyon University

BS, Computer Science, DeVry University

Josh Miller, JD

Adjunct Professor

MEd, University of Phoenix
MS, History, Illinois State University
BS, History, Illinois State University

Andrew Moran

Adjunct Professor

MEng, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
BS, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mildred Munoz

Adjunct Professor

MA, Romance Languages/Spanish, University of New Orleans
BA, Education Science, Universidad Del Atlantico

Corey O'Brien

Adjunct Professor

MA, Digital Cinema, DePaul University
BA, Northern Illinois University

Joseph Pollock

Adjunct Professor

MS, Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance, Bellvue University

BS, Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance, Bellvue University

Karyn Ricci

Adjunct Professor

MFA, University of Arizona
BFA, Graphic Design, Grand Valley State University

Tevon Sinica-Williams

Adjunct Professor

MBA, Finance and Supply Chain, Arizona State University

BS, Engineering/Biomedical Engineering, Arizona State University

Keith Swanson

Adjunct Professor

MS, Information Management, Arizona State University
BS, Sociology, Arizona State University

Dr. Ellen Yarborough

Adjunct Professor

PhD, English Education, Arizona State University
MA, Liberal Studies, Arizona State University
BA, Communication, Regis College

Dr. Daniel Wilkins

Adjunct Professor

PhD, Information Security Assurance, Capella University
MS, Information Security, Colorado Technical University
BS, Information Technology Management, Colorado Technical University

Faculty Publications