Technology Studies (BS)

Technology Studies, Bachelor of Science (BS)


How does technology literacy impact the workforce? Entrepreneurship, management, innovation.

Drawn from a foundation of philosophical awareness and designed to guide students through key aspects of the history and application of technology, Technology Studies students gain competitive lifelong skills in strategic thinking, information analysis, presentation and modern marketing.

Rising from the astronomical growth cycle of technology, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) students are challenged to critique and weigh in on emerging technologies.

The Technology Studies degree is the foundation for a wide variety of career paths, including marketing, management and entrepreneurial endeavors. Technology Studies creates opportunity for tech generalists to graduate with meaningful skills and become professionals capable of building strategic, entrepreneurial policy and forward-thinking competencies.

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Technology Studies Degree Objectives

  • Identify and articulate historical, ethical, cultural, economic, business, military and political forces and consequences of technological development upon society.
  • Evaluate the uses and effects of technology in 21st-century civilization, including the social and economic opportunities and risks of disruptive technologies, and ethical and values-based frameworks for technology assessment and application.
  • Develop fluency in technology criticism and commentary, and familiarity with the historical settings of major technology figures and movements.
  • Develop an ability to report on and analyze creative and entrepreneurial processes of technological innovation, and conservative and political processes of technological sustainability in society.
  • Articulate the influence of new media and the Internet on society, and the ways information and communication technologies interact with professions such as education, medicine, business, law, environmental protection and remediation, nonprofit work, governance and the sciences.
  • Forecast the potential impacts of nascent and emerging technologies in ways to benefit organizations, governments and individuals.
Synchronic Learning: superior graduates, mentored education, flexible Syncflex learning.


UAT’s Synchronic Learning model provides an education framework that prepares superior graduates to become tomorrow’s innovators. This model embodies UAT’s methodologies, curricula and community dedicated to fostering an environment of innovation that promotes demonstrated mastery and job readiness.

How does UAT prepare superior graduates? Students are required to participate in projects that solve real problems. UAT requires students to innovate and create a working proof of concept that’s never been done before. Students complete internships, community projects and apprenticeship experiences to cultivate their ability to succeed in the workplace.




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Commencement Ceremony

Filing the Arizona STEM Pipeline

UAT Accreditation and Recognition

UAT is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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