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University of Advancing Technology Internship Application


Internships are a graduation requirement for UAT students. As an intern in the technology industry, you can expect a very fast paced work environment. Duties, of course, will vary from discipline to discipline, so it is difficult to predict the average day-to-day scenarios.

As an intern, you will be taking advantage of an opportunity to immerse yourself in your field. You will be working with professionals, learning new skills, and honing your existing skills. Communication, questions, timely work and extra effort are all key in completing your internships. Internships often carry with them job offers at the conclusion of the internship, so always do your best and go that extra mile. Internships are your opportunity to learn, grow professionally and to demonstrate your abilities to potential employers.

Some of the goals you should be setting for your internship are as follows:

  • Learn from a sponsor/mentor who has years of experience in industry
  • Contribute to the project and team of which you are a part of
  • Maintain a journal and make timely submissions of necessary materials for grading

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Internship Stories

Here's what some of our interns have had to say about the experience.

Lonnie Mann heard about his graphic design internship from a classmate.

"She said she was enjoying it, and so I figured it'd be a great opportunity to gain some new skills. I created flyers, signs, web icons, desktops and anything that requires Photoshop or InDesign." Prior to his internship, Mann says he knew very little about the field of graphic design, but he adds that "because of this, everything I did was a new experience. I turned out to love graphic design. I actually ended up getting a full-time job (at UAT) after interning for six months. So I'm still here, but now I work as a real employee. It's still a great time.”

Nathan Chavie heard about his graphic design internship opportunity from the Career Services department.

"I have never worked in a creative field before. I really like being around creative and skilled people, which this internship has given me the opportunity to do. It makes the process of working on design much more pleasurable. I hope to find similar environments and people when I step into the work force. I hope to be able to take away the skills that I have learned and practiced, and a more in-depth understanding of professional design and industry standards."

Joshua Gertz has been involved as a Student Ambassador guiding prospective students, a design intern for UAT and a game design intern at Jelly Filled Games.

"I thought of the internships as a great way to be more involved with campus life, projects and other events on campus. I was able to get the Jelly Filled Games internship by networking at the university’s Tech Forum events. Most of the work I have done has allowed me to work with people of different personalities and skill sets. I am hoping that these experiences will allow me to ease my progression from student to professional."

Internship Reviews

Here's what some companies have had to say about our interns.

Company: National Security Agency
Supervisor Title: Web Resources Team Lead

"We think that your student did an excellent job over the summer, taking over a project that is important to the team, contributing to the improvement of a tool, and obtaining a solid set of results. We wish your student all the best in his career. Your student fit in really well in our office, was dedicated to his task, learned a lot about our problem set and did a great job contributing to our mission."

Company: National Security Agency
Supervisor Title: Web Resources Team Lead

"Your student has taken on an important assignment that will have a definite impact. He has been able to work independently, and has changed the direction of the project, resulting in better results and a higher impact."

Company: Aerospace Corporation6940 Comub Director
Supervisor Title: Director

Note to student: "We really appreciate your dedication and your excellent achievement with your assignment at Aerospace. I am very pleased with you."

Note to Career Services: "We really appreciate his dedication to his work at Aerospace. I am very pleased with him. He is the most valuable intern in our organization."

Company: SocialWhirled
Supervisor Title: Director of Digital Execution

"Your student has done a great job at SocialWhirled and is a valuable asset to the team. His design skills are improving daily and I believe he will locate a design job with no problems upon graduation. He is well-liked by his peers and fits great in our SW culture. He's is willing to go above and beyond his designated rolls at the office and performs many duties. Your student is becoming a skilled designer. He is very punctual and is flexible with his hours. He's is willing to go above and beyond his designated rolls at the office and performs many duties."

Company: Dell SonicWall
Supervisor Title: Support Manager

"Your student has been an excellent member of the team. I wish I had 5 more just like him."

Job Placement and Internships

The following is a list of companies where our graduates/students have secured employment and/or internships as well as companies and organizations with whom UAT maintains a strong relationship. This list is far from comprehensive, but illustrates the variety and quantity of companies and industry relations maintained by UAT.

Game Industry

  • Big Huge Games
  • Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment
  • Crunchtime Games
  • Disney Interactive Studios
  • Electronic Arts
  • Epic Games
  • Insomniac Games
  • Mythic Entertainment
  • Nihilistic Software
  • Rainbow Studios
  • Redstorm Entertainment
  • Sensory Sweep Studios
  • Sony Online Entertainment
  • THQ
  • Many, many others

3D, Digital, Visual Arts

  • City of Tempe
  • Decision Theater
  • Digital Tutors
  • DW Green
  • Inhance Digital
  • Jereye Animation
  • Nickelodeon Animation Studios
  • OdysseyWare
  • Zoic Studios

Network Technology, Security, Computer Forensics

  • CompuFor
  • Department of Defense
  • Dunstone Financial
  • FBI
  • Honeywell
  • NSA
  • Paraben

Other Companies

  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Intel
  • MTV Networks
  • Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Standard Aero

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