Digital Maker and Fabrication Degree at University of Advancing Technology

Digital Maker and Fabrication Degree at University of Advancing Technology

Digital Maker and Fabrication Degree

Maker Movement Education

Digital fabrication is revolutionizing how we invent and create, changing for all time the way we design and bring new technology products to market. The Digital Maker Movement is opening new doors of opportunity for UAT’s advancing computer technology students who are accepted into the first fully accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Maker and Fabrication. Graduates of the class of 2014 were among the first to lead this new revolution with a respected degree from a technology University.

Internet of Things (IoT) Device Integration

Contemporary society has embraced and come to rely on technology so much that it is entrenched in our everyday lives. This shift toward advancing technology that fully supports society has created the need for technology products to be designed, produced, and distributed to fit the everyday, busy lives of consumers. If a device or technology does not mesh with a person’s lifestyle, it will quickly become obsolete. In all capacities—whether for home, work, or leisure—the world needs a new generation of innovators with additive manufacturing, robotics and embedded systems, digital animation, and design skills to move industry forward.

User-Centered Design

Powerful mobile and embedded systems are converging into devices that are increasingly replacing the functionality of larger, more cumbersome devices such as the PC. As this transition continues to accelerate, the need for intelligently designed products will continue to grow. Integrated IoT devices and services in cars, homes, and offices will interact with wearable devices to give the consumer a content-rich, context-driven experience. Designing, programming, and rapid prototyping these devices will give students a firm grasp on the next generation of hardware devices and how these devices will shape the future of society.

Additive Manufacturing Skills

Additive manufacturing is the new way to think, design, conceive, prototype, test, manufacture, and bring to market the latest innovations. It’s as big for industry as the personal computer, and as game-changing as the internet itself. It’s 3D printers, generative design, maker bots, robotics and embedded systems, digital design and animation, laser cutters, open-source hardware and software companies, and desktop fabrication taken to the industrial and consumer level to create physical objects we use.

Graduate After Filing US Patent

Not only will students graduate with this additive manufacturing degree, they’ll also file for a U.S. patent while earning tech respect and standing proudly on the crest of the biggest technology revolution since the Industrial Revolution of the 1920’s.

First Accredited Degree for Makers

As the recognized leader in advancing computer technology education since the dawn of the computer revolution, UAT unveiled the nation’s first fully-accredited Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Maker and Fabrication in 2014.

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A Structured Course Load

Every online assignment is geared toward your technology degree program. Each online class follows a standard assignment schedule, ensuring a swift, successful completion of classes. This standardization, combined with a team-based approach and access to industry-standard toolsets and techniques, encourages development of the collaborative and creative skills necessary for the advancing technology workplace.

Online Digital Maker Degree Faculty

The UAT-Online digital maker faculty receive extensive training to help students succeed in an online environment. During class sessions, instructors participate in online lectures and discussion groups and respond to online questions. They also respond to emails and discussion threads.


Enrollment is ongoing for UAT-Online, so you may begin your online Digital Maker studies here at any time of the year.

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Digital Maker and Fabrication Course Description

As an inventor and innovator, it is now possible to generatively design, rapidly prototype, evaluate, and bring creations to market by way of digital fabrication tools. The Digital Maker and Fabrication degree prepares graduates to design and build new technology devices by combining user-centric design theory with these skills:
  • Programming
  • Parametric Modeling
  • Topology Optimization
  • Materials
  • Dynamics
  • Kinematics
  • Electronics
  • Metallurgy
  • Additive Manufacturing with 3D print and other maker technologies.

User-Centric Generative Design

Students in this program will model and design objects using 3D software. Students will also learn to inform their designs based upon choosing the best materials for each design element. Students will learn how to program the hardware and electronics driving their devices, using tools such as C++, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi in ways that support creating smart devices and internet-enabled devices. By learning how to effectively use maker prototyping technologies such as 3D printers, digital cutters, CNC, and virtual reality tools, students are able to rapidly visualize and prototype devices. DMF students also become adept at the process of iteratively refining technology creations and devices to make them ready for market.

Digital Maker an Fabrication


  • Demonstrate the ability to prototype, build, and apply for patents for technology products meeting specific user-centric human factors with form and function criteria.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate trends in design principles and apply them into the form and function of devices.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate material and build technique options during the creation of products and their prototypes.
  • Demonstrate the ability to evaluate and implement developments within electromechanical, algorithmic, robotic, microprocessor, sensor and other advancing technology areas while making product design decisions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to work within a maker studio environment to design, build, test and revise products that meet client timeline, design and quality requirements.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with industry accepted prototyping, modeling, build and maker tools and techniques.

Digital Maker and Fabrication Degree Program Information

  • Program Credits: 120
  • Major Credits: 36
  • Semesters to completion: 8

Requirements to graduate include a 2.0 CGPA, completed required coursework, Portfolio, Internship, and a Student Innovation Project.

For a more detailed breakout of completion time frames and rates, please see the UAT Fast Facts page.


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