Game Programming (BS)

Game Programming (BS)

Game Programming Degree

Drive the future of games with video game programming degree

UAT’s Game Programming degree (a.k.a. Game Coder degree) prepares students to take the controls in their careers. With this prestigious video game programming degree, students develop a broad coder skill set, and are comfortable with many platforms and languages.

Video game programmers develop code for games for web, console, PC, and mobile devices. Video game programming and specific game coders have wide-ranging applications in the entertainment, business, research, and training industries.

Game Programming degree graduates master the coding and programming principles and techniques in all video game programming disciplines, in addition to C++ programming, scripting, data handling, DirectX/Open GL development, game engine architecture, game play interaction, artificial intelligence, networking and the use of middleware and industry APIs.

Examples of game programming jobs related to this game coding degree include:
» Multi-Media Artists and Animators
» Computer Programmers
» Software Developers
» Applications Software Developers
» Systems Software
» Web Developers
» Computer Network Support Specialists
» Computer Science Teachers (postsecondary)

UAT provides a myriad of advanced coding software, tools and other advanced video game programming resources reflective of what’s new and emerging in the game industry. This fuels students to innovate and practice what they learn in real-world settings. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality is just one example of progressive coding technology that creates leading-edge immersive and social game experiences tied to computer programming games. UAT’s Game Jams provide opportunities beyond the classroom to develop game prototypes and stretch each year within a 48-hour period during a single weekend. Technology sandboxes also include such innovative idea-creation spaces as UAT’s New Technology Lab with work stations for Microsoft Kinect and:

» Video Game Development
» Apple Development (Swift, Cocoa, Objective-C)
» Mobile Development
» Virtual Reality
» Mind Control (Emotiv)
» Motion Control

To heighten learning and prepare for real-world collaboration, UAT fosters coder team projects with students in other game development degrees, including Game Design, Game Art & Animation, Virtual Reality, and Game Production Management. First in the world to introduce fully accredited game design and game programming degrees, UAT has among the most prolific game coding degrees in the country.

UAT also is home to the largest game incubator lab in Arizona, with more than 120 students from all UAT game degree programs contributing to the creation of games at any given time. UAT Game Studios is a game production pipeline that fosters game development and connection to the game industry. With gamified services gaining momentum, graduates with a Game Programming degree from UAT will be better prepared to enter the new world gamification, which applies game programming elements to non-game applications to connect people with a product, service or training program in entertaining new ways that inspire learning.

Comprised of more than just courses and physical areas with four walls, UAT Game Studios is a culture of experiential learning derived from a multidisciplinary collaboration of video game programming students and others across UAT’s undergraduate and graduate degrees both on-ground and online. UAT’s gamer group is supported by the Games Job Fair networking event and the project/assignment designs within Game Programming degree courses which require all coding students to contribute to game development each semester. UAT’s Greenlight Committee awards winning game projects sponsorship at GDC. The committee supports game readiness with the additional resources they need and celebrates students’ innovative work.

Hundreds of projects have been developed over the past five years involving students in UAT’s respected Game Programming degree program. Some projects shipped for profit, some of them were award winning, some were used to launch game studios, gain funding, and most of all to promote careers. UAT Game Studios has been responsible for spawning new game companies by training and supporting entrepreneurial ventures. More companies continually are being formed.

Today, the respected game programming college continues to be progressive in meeting the needs of a growing game industry by fostering student innovation and ninja-level coding capability that prepares graduates to drive the most powerful areas of our economy.

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Game Programming Course Description

Courses in Game Programming will emphasize the essential issues and the skills required to develop games for multiple video game platforms such as PC, consoles, mobile, online and VR. These skills have broader applications in related industries such as entertainment, business, research and training. Game Programming students begin with the programming principles, skills and techniques shared in all programming disciplines and then specifically focus on game-specific features and techniques. This program emphasizes C++ programming, scripting, data handling, gameplay interaction, artificial intelligence, networking and the use of industry standard middleware, game engines and APIs. Students in Game Programming will also develop a critical approach to the study of gameplay, interaction and design.

Game Programming Degree

Game Programming Degree Objectives

  • Implement multiple completed games, including 3D games, using common tools, languages, and software for web, console, PC or mobile platforms.
  • Design, develop and implement the architecture and infrastructure needed to support a complete game project.
  • Implement and analyze fundamental data structures and algorithms associated with game applications supporting gameplay mechanics.
  • Use software development processes to analyze a project problem, and to design, build and test a corresponding software solution.
  • Demonstrate development skills using multiple programming languages, development environments, and platforms, including advanced and/or experimental topics in game programming.
  • Establish collaboration, mentorship, and professional leadership skills by working with other disciplines to deliver highly polished and completed projects.

Game Programming Degree Program Requirements

  • Program Credits: 120
  • Major Credits: 36
  • Semesters to completion: 8

Requirements to graduate include a 2.0 CGPA, completed required coursework, Portfolio, Internship, and a Student Innovation Project.

For a more detailed breakout of completion time frames and rates, please see the UAT Fast Facts page.


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UAT Accreditation and Recognition

UAT is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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Network Security curriculum certified by the US National Security Agency's Information Assurance Courseware Evaluation program

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