Robotics and Embedded Systems (BS)

Robotics and Embedded Systems (BS)

Robotics and Embedded Systems Degree


An Elite Robotics Degree Combining Advancing Robotics Engineering with Technological Design.

The robotics degree at the elite technology university, UAT, is earned as a Bachelor of Science. Our robotics degree program provides students with the foundational robotics education for the design, implementation, and analysis of robotics and embedded systems. By combining the best of class elements of computer science with autonomous robotics technology, students in the Robotics and Embedded Systems Degree will gain valuable knowledge and will be prepared to excel in a robotics career. Building upon the foundation of software engineering, the focus of this robotics degree is creating elite robotics engineering professionals who will have mastery over the advancing realm of robotics and embedded systems.

Students within the Robotics and Embedded Systems major will explore all aspects of robotics technology such as mechanical design, mechanical engineering, controls, digital logic design, embedded programming, machine vision, and adaptive algorithm development of robotics systems. Building from this base, robotics degree students will implement a microprocessor using digital logic design. Students in the robotics degree will also learn to optimize robotics technology using digital hardware design, software programming, and digital and analog circuit design analysis.

Students enrolled in the robotics degree at UAT will apply knowledge of transducers, actuators, and advanced software development to mechanically design and engineer as well as analyze advanced robotics technology and embedded systems. Graduates from UAT’s robotics degree, Robotics and Embedded Systems Bachelor of Science, will be prepared for careers in exclusive government and advanced technology operations.

With technology advancing rapidly, a robotics degree allows you to be at the forefront of the world’s top business and government efforts. With the completion of this elite robotics and mechanical engineering degree you will gain the ability to build, develop, implement, and analyze the world’s most advanced technologies and make an impact on the advancing electronic and robotic world.

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Robotics and Embedded Systems Course Description

The world we interact in everyday and the technology that we utilize are built upon the foundation of embedded systems. The Robotics and Embedded Systems degree provides students the engineering foundation for the design, implementation and analysis of embedded systems, with an emphasis in autonomous robotic systems. Building upon the foundation of software engineering, a degree in Robotics and Embedded Systems can span mechanical design, controls, electronics, digital logic design, embedded programming, machine vision, and adaptive algorithm development and design of autonomous robotic systems.
Robotics and Embedded Systems

Robotics and Embedded Systems Degree Objectives

  • Design and complete robotic and embedded systems solutions that apply to real word situations and challenges.
  • Implement a simple microprocessor using digital logic design.
  • Demonstrate embedded system design skills, including, but not limited to, microcontroller selection, schematic design, printed circuit board layout, design for electromagnetic compatibility, and design for manufacturing.
  • Apply knowledge of transducers, actuators, and simultaneous hardware and software development in the design of an embedded system.
  • Design and analyze real-time embedded systems, including advanced digital logic design, signal processing and high-speed digital systems.
  • Implement and evaluate algorithms and methods enabling autonomy in a mobile robot.

Robotics and Embedded Systems Program Information

  • Program Credits: 120
  • Major Credits: 36
  • Semesters to completion: 8

Requirements to graduate include a 2.0 CGPA, completed required coursework, Portfolio, Internship, and a Student Innovation Project.

For a more detailed breakout of completion time frames and rates, please see the UAT Fast Facts page.

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