UAT: Academics
UAT is a small private college focused exclusively on advancing and emerging technology disciplines, our academic programs tend to be unique among colleges, and often emerge years ahead of other schools. After we identify which emerging technologies will resonate with our students, we develop them into undergraduate and graduate programs.

UAT Academic Programs and Majors

UAT offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in 20 areas of concentration. Click on the college below to learn more about our unique degree offerings.

Synchronic Learning

Our academic programs are delivered using methodologies that are specifically chosen for their effectiveness in educating the current UAT student-the digital native.

General Education

All undergraduate programs at UAT incorporate general education. General education courses create graduates who can place their technologies within appropriate world contexts and provide a meaningful link between an emerging technology and the society it will serve.

In the Field

Our students take pride in the projects they do through UAT. From producing short films to helping the City of Phoenix pinpoint exploits in wireless systems, the best education a student can get comes from their experiences in the field.
Want to see what students have been working on? See Student Projects.


As an institution, UAT is dedicated to planning, implementing and sharing its research with others in technology and academia. The UAT research centers operate within UAT to further knowledge creation, to foster institutional and community awareness, and to improve initiatives in their focal areas. Additionally, each research center acts to publish works to the broader community through a variety of channels (technology journals, online journals, conference papers and others). Click on the links below to learn more about our research centers.

Geek 411

Each issue features in-depth profiles of our outstanding alumni, snapshots of life within the vibrant UAT community-both on campus and off-and dispatches from all over the Geek World. Look at current and past issues of the Geek 411.

Journal of Advancing Technology (JAT)

UAT publishes a bi-annual journal dedicated to articles and research that offer fresh perspectives on advancing technology.
Look at current and past issues of the JAT.

Technology Toolbox 

We've gathered some resources for your technology toolbox. Some are the original work of our own students and faculty members, while others are links that we have found useful and thought you might, too.

UAT Faculty

UAT's amazing faculty body are thinkers, teachers, technological gurus, industry experts and student mentors. They are a group governed by their passion for technology, their students and their own academic and professional growth. Take a second to meet our featured faculty, view the entire faculty directory.