Technology University Tuition

Technology University Tuition


Fast Facts about UAT Tuition

A superior, private education can also be surprisingly attainable when your student is dedicated to their journey. At UAT, students learn more efficiently in smaller classes with professors who know each student’s strengths and nurture their development. They often graduate earlier and earn their way sooner. Alumni are welcome to audit classes online or on campus for life free of charge. Your investment in an education at UAT is an investment in a lifetime of education.

As an institution, we work hard to ensure that a education represents a clearly affordable alternative when compared to many other private four-year colleges or, to the cost of out-of-state tuition at a public college. There is no in-state or out-of-state cost difference at UAT. Tuition is a flat rate. UAT offers students and families a tuition lock guarantee to ensure annual cost for tuition will not increase for students enrolled in consecutive semesters from their first year through graduation allowing students and families to better plan and budget for their education costs.

Tuition Costs

  • Undergraduate tuition: $11,575 per semester
  • Graduate tuition: $8,250 per semester
  • UAT-Online tuition: $6,100 per semester
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Cost of Attendance

On-Campus Undergraduate Student for the 2017 Academic Year (2 semesters)

  • 23,150
  • 9,700
  • 600

Graduate Student for the 2017 Academic Year (2 semesters)

  • 16,500
  • 600

Online Undergraduate Student for the 2017 Academic Year (2 semesters)

  • 12,200
  • 450

The UAT Tuition Guarantee

At UAT, our commitment to your family planning offers students and families a tuition lock guarantee to ensure the annual cost for tuition will not increase between the first year a student is enrolled at UAT and the student's senior year. We understand how much of a challenge the uncertainty of annual tuition increases can be for students and their families—it’s hard enough for technology students to become leading innovators in an area of study without adding the mystery of what your actual expenses will be from year to year. UAT students who enroll and make the commitment to UAT will have the commitment returned by the University with the UAT Tuition Guarantee.

Some costs cannot be guaranteed. Tuition accounts for approximately 80% of college costs for a residential student. At UAT, those charges will remain constant for students, beginning with the entering class of 2014. Most of the remaining costs are room and meal options. Students may see a change to these costs during their four years on campus.

Our commitment to the student and your family

We'll freeze your tuition at the rate you sign up under with our UAT Tuition Guarantee.

Costs are increasing nationally

In 2012, tuition at private colleges increased an average of 6%. Public universities increased an average of 11%. During the period from 1993 to 2003, the increase at private colleges was 79%. We understand students and their families are struggling to pay for a superior quality undergraduate education that makes you stand out from the pack. That's why UAT is taking the lead to guarantee your costs once you make the commitment to UAT.

How do I qualify for The UAT Tuition Guarantee?

As soon as students are accepted at UAT and make their deposit they are covered by the UAT Tuition Guarantee.

Does the UAT Tuition Guarantee cover my entire four years of Undergraduate study?

If a student takes a leave of absence from UAT for only one semester, the student can return to campus and continue to be locked into the same tuition determined in your initial enrollment year.

If a student takes more than a semester-long leave of absence, he or she will be required to enroll at the new, higher rate for tuition determined for the semester the student is re-enrolling. Most UAT students graduate within four years and this policy is designed as an additional effort to meet your family’s four-year degree completion goals. UAT student policies are created to ensure the students ability to soar within industry, drive innovation and provide the student the foundation for life long education as well as an essential way for families to control and predict the cost of an elite level technology education from a prestigious technology university.

UAT encourages students and families to measure the burden of unchecked increasing costs of other universities that do not provide the commitment to the student and guarantee to lock in their tuition rates for four years. This one policy alone could mean enough resources to earn a masters degree for the same costs as other universities charge to earn a bachelors.

UAT students graduate one year earlier on average through our Synchronic Learning model. That means one year less of tuition costs and one step closer to your first professional paycheck a year earlier. The combination of those two attributes from UAT can make an elite education much more affordable for your family. A superior education can be a deep investment for most families but that doesn't mean college costs have to be unpredictable.

In addition, after graduation UAT alumni have the unique opportunity to stay current in their industries and audit classes FOREVER. Alumni are responsible for any required resources and materials. Only classes on the current schedule with free spaces are available. College credits are not earned in audited classes.

Industry Trend for Tuition Increase

Tuition Costs

UAT remains committed to financial aid and scholarships for the most promising and passionate technology student innovators

Financial aid is available to those who qualify. At UAT, like at all accredited institutions of higher education, students must apply for financial aid each year. Changes in family income, family size, and the number of family members in college are just a few of the drivers that affect the amount of aid students receive. Financial aid can be complex and daunting when you first start to look at your options. UAT’s financial aid staff will always work hard to simplify it for students and their families and help guide you through the path to a superior technology education that will pay dividends to you for a lifetime.

Set up a private consultation with one of our Admissions Advisors by calling 877.828.4335 or emailing

You can also click here and set up a private consultation at your leisure to learn more about how we can help your student realize their dream and provide them with the head start they need to become an elite technologist and industry innovator.

Housing Costs

A deposit of $550 is required to reserve your space. $400 of the deposit is refundable if all move-out procedures are followed per Housing Contract. $150 is a non-refundable administrative fee.
*An additional fee is added if student is own Guarantor.

Housing Costs

Housing Payment Schedules

Monthly payments are due on the first of each month. Semesterly and full payments are due on day one of the lease term. For detailed payment options, please refer to the Lease Agreement.

  • Option 1 - Monthly Payments
  • Private Bath $648 per month (12-month lease)
  • Shared Bath $582 per month (12-month lease)
  • Option 2 – Semesterly Payments (3% concession if payment received prior to start of term)
  • Private Bath $2,514 per semester
  • Shared Bath $2,258 per semester
  • Option 3 – Full Payment (5% concession if paid prior to start of term)
  • Private Bath $7,387 in full
  • Shared Bath $6,635 in full

Students sign a one-year lease, which includes coverage over university breaks and all three academic terms. Please refer to the UAT License Agreement for information about our Cancellation Policy. You can speak with your New Student Advisor for additional information, terms and conditions.

Meal Plans

Pricing per semester:

  • Rookie Meal Plan 180 meals/term (~12 meals/week) + $200 in cafe credit - $1,850
  • Expert Meal Plan 210 meals/term (~14 meals/week) + $300 in cafe credit - $2,150
  • Grand Master Meal Plan Unlimited meals/week + $300 in cafe credit - $2,300

Pricing per individual meals (for those without a meal plan):

  • Breakfast - $10.75 plus tax
  • Lunch - $12.75 plus tax
  • Dinner - $12.75 plus tax
  • Brunch - $12.75 plus tax

UAT First Year Resident students living in Founder’s Hall will be required to subscribe to at least one of the above meal plans.

Commuter meal plans are available to students who are not living in Founder’s Hall, but would like to eat in the UAT Cafe when they are on campus. The commuter plans are offered at the following levels:

  • 25 meals per term + $50 in cafe credit: $275
  • 55 meals per term + $100 in cafe credit: $600
  • 70 meals per term + $155 in cafe credit: $725
  • 100 meals per term + $210 in cafe credit: $1025

Miscellaneous Fees

The non-refundable seat deposit for US Residents is $250 to accompany the enrollment agreement for graduate and undergraduate programs.

The processing fee for non-US Residents is $250 to accompany the enrollment agreement for the graduate and undergraduate programs.

The transfer credit fee is $100.

The Resource program at UAT provides students and faculty with the learning resources they need to succeed and innovate. This multifaceted program provides students with learning materials, stocks labs with materials, supplies other consumable resources for instructor teaching and student learning, and provides hardware and software. All students pay a flat fee per term to support their resources. As part of the Resource program, required textbooks are provided to students and instructors in either a physical or digital format. UAT has 
several labs and studios that are stocked with equipment for student and faculty use. These labs support effective teaching and learning by providing a space where applied problem solving skills can be developed and enhanced in an active learning setting. The Resource program provides students with materials used in these spaces, such as robotics parts, art supplies and raw material for product prototypes. In addition to the consumables for the lab spaces, UAT provides students with study support consumables such as writing supplies, print services, DVD creation and 3D print materials.
A list of UAT TextBooks for the current semester are located here.

Resource Fees per semester:

  • On-campus students - $300
  • Online students - $225
  • Graduate students - $300

Parking Permit Fees (per semester):

  • On-campus Car - $75
  • On-campus Motorcycle - $35