Why UAT-Online?

Why UAT-Online


Why UAT-Online?

For an industry-leading, technology-focused education and the flexibility you need, UAT-Online offers it all. The University is recognized for developing graduates’ abilities to apply and create the new world of changing technology to lead others and shape our future. Since the dawn of the computer revolution, UAT has built a reputation internationally for its personalized, intimate education; its superior, quality mentorship by industry leaders; and its prestigious technology degree accreditations, credentialing and distinctions from government agencies. As technology innovation becomes the most influential game changer in business and government, UAT’s prestige has grown worldwide.

UAT's groundbreaking leadership in technology education has introduced universities nationwide to UAT's Synchronic Learning pedagogy, built to offer a perfect blend of a classic education and contemporary technology-centric degrees in advancing technologies. UAT provides individual staff and faculty support for accepted online students with many of the same professors who teach on campus, including right-sized, online technology degree classes consisting of specialized online curricula derived from its world-class campus in Tempe, AZ. Online programs include Advancing Computer Science (BS), Digital Maker and Fabrication (BS), Game Art and Animation (BA), Game Design (BA), Game Programming (BS), Network Engineering (BS), Network Security (BS), Robotics and Embedded Systems (BS), Technology Forensics (BS), Virtual Reality (BS), and Web Design (BS). UAT-Online technology degrees align the most forward-looking theory with contemporary industry standards, preparing students to become leaders in their fields—ready to work and innovate with those at the top of their craft.

A Structured Course Load

Every assignment is geared toward your technology degree program. Each class follows a standard assignment schedule, ensuring swift, successful completion of classes. This standardization, combined with a team-based approach and access to industry-standard toolsets and techniques, encourages development of the collaborative and creative skills necessary for the advancing technology workplace.

What to Expect as a UAT-Online Student

  • Five-week modules that you take one at a time.
  • Take three classes per semester for a total of 15 weeks per semester.
  • A dedicated UAT-Online Team for your support throughout your educational experience through graduation
  • Asynchronous learning environment to accommodate busy schedules
  • A rich and rigorous learning environment

Courses are taken sequentially in order to build on what you've learned. Please keep in mind that UAT-Online staff determines in which order classes are taken.

Online Faculty

UAT-Online faculty use tools and practices unique to helping students succeed in an online environment. During class sessions, instructors participate in online lectures and discussion groups and respond to online questions. They also respond to emails and discussion threads. Students hand in their assignments via email or posting them online.


Fill out an online application. A UAT representative will contact you to walk you through the enrollment process.

Transfer Students
If enrolling in one of UAT-Online's academic programs, courses listed in the General Education category will be evaluated for general equivalency. All other courses will be evaluated on a course-for-course basis within the student's intended program of study.

You can earn these degrees Online at UAT:

Things to Think About When Considering UAT-Online:

  • Online courses at UAT-Online may be more dependent on assignments and activities rather than traditional lecture classes. This is designed to engage online students in a way that ensures equal educational outcomes for both online and on-campus students.
  • Enrollment is ongoing for UAT-Online, so you may begin your studies here at any time of year.

UAT-Online Hardware and Software Requirements:

As UAT is a technology-centric school, online students are expected to have the following:
  • A computer with reliable network connection to the internet, and any operating system that can support most common internet browsers (IE6, Firefox, Chrome, etc).
  • Webcam/microphone functionality for online communication and live lessons with students and teachers.
  • Access to Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, etc) or other similar compatible software.
  • Access to Adobe editing software (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc) or other similar compatible software.

If there are questions or problems with obtaining the required software or hardware, please contact us at Synchronic_Resource@uat.edu.


  • Online 1: January 7 - February 10
  • Online 2: Feb 11 - March 24
  • Online 3: March 25 - April 28

  • Online 1: May 6 — June 9
  • Online 2: June 10 — July 14
  • Online 3: July 15 — August 18

  • Online 1: September 3 — October 6
  • Online 2: October 7 — November 10
  • Online 3: November 12 — December 15
  • Thanksgiving Break: November 26 — November 27