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The Unvarnished Experience

Have an insatiable thirst for technology? We thought so. Take the opportunity to discover more about University of Advancing Technology (UAT) by joining us at UATx.

UATx is the signature opportunity for those in-state and out-of-state seeking to learn about UAT and experience what it’s like to be a student here. This is your time to explore deep inside UAT’s culture, network of relationships and resources to get a feel for your potential fit.


At UATx, you have the opportunity to learn about our unique degree programs, tour our technology-infused campus, sit in on classes, stay overnight in the dorms (optional), connect with faculty, eat at the campus café, learn about scholarships/financial aid, visit with campus staff and see campus life up close and personal—as if you’re already a student.

* The $1,000 Discovery Scholarship is awarded to non-Arizona Residents only and applied one time, per person toward first-semester tuition. Student must be present to receive. All participants in UATx must complete the waiver with emergency contact and parent or guardian information. Registration is limited to prospective students only.

Click here download and submit your overnight waiver.

Wanted: Passionate Technology Innovators Only

​UAT is not for everyone. Only the students who are serious and passionate about innovating with advancing technology will find what they desire in this top technology University. If you think you have the drive to become a UAT graduate, then you will find an exposition of the best our community has to offer. At UATx, you can gauge whether you feel you will prosper at UAT.

Why UAT?

​For an industry-leading, technology focused-education, UAT offers it all. If it’s flexibility you need, UAT offers an expansive array of advanced degree programs. The University is recognized for developing graduates’ abilities to apply and create the new world of changing technology, and to lead others and shape our future. Since the dawn of the computer revolution, UAT has built an internationally renowned reputation for its personalized and intimate education, superior quality mentorship by industry leaders, prestigious technology degree accreditations, and distinctions from several government agencies. As technology innovation has become the most influential game changer in business and government, UAT’s worldwide prestige has continued to grow.

Location and what’s nearby

​ UAT is conveniently located off the I-10 and near the US-60. Have fun in the sun year round at local attractions near campus. Hiking, golfing, parks, wildlife galore. You’ll never get bored!


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