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University of Advancing Technology Course Catalog

UAT Catalogs:
Your guide to technology college life and on-campus/online education

It’s all right here.These catalogs serve as the gateway to everything University of Advancing Technology including courses for undergraduate, graduate and online students.

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about all aspects of UAT life including our respected technology degree programs representing the leading edge of science and art innovation, plus everything you need to know about admissions procedures, policies, tuition, scholarships, financial aid, residence life, academics, governance and more.

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about UAT’s distinctive features that set us apart as an intimate, private technology University focused on educating students in advancing technology who desire to innovate for our future. Changing the world through technology is inherent in UAT’s mission which embodies UAT’s core reason for being—to advance global society by developing premier thinkers for a lifetime of innovation. The technology University’s respected Synchronic Learning model provides an individualized, interactive, enriched education experience that creates a new generation of leaders ready to transform the world we live in.

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to campus life, our team of faculty, staff and administrators and Geek culture comprised of a unique collective of individuals indigenous to the digital realm who share their passion for technology and live for the next great adventure in technology innovation.