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Letter From the President

With the brilliant minds of all generations since the dawn of the computer revolution serving as our guide, we at UAT have worked hard to develop the UAT culture and core curriculum that inspire students and professors alike to see beyond the tech of the moment to the greater trends and future directions that create true innovation and industry leadership.

As the first computer university in the country, UAT has earned a reputation for excellence in advancing technology education. Our students are known as forward-thinking innovators and capable problem solvers.

This culture reinforces the heart of why UAT exists: “To educate students in advancing technology who innovate for our future.” Students with a passion for technology will find the UAT experience to be the defining choice in their paths to success in life.

As a commitment to our dedication to these ideals, each graduate is required to leave UAT as a proven innovator, so focused on innovation they demonstrate their real world knowledge by filing for a US patent prior to graduation.

Every year, all of us in the UAT family look forward to the next great innovations our students and faculty produce. We are continually amazed by the ability of our students to carpe diem! I invite you to review some of our students' great accomplishments. I hope that as you explore the pages of you are as inspired for what the next few years of innovations has in store as all of us at UAT are every day.


Jason Pistillo


To educate students in advancing technology
who innovate for our future.


To advance global society by developing premier
thinkers for a lifetime of innovation.



We promote positive social responsibility, and global citizenship, and always act with integrity, honesty, and ethics that are above reproach.

Quality Through Continuous Improvement

UAT is a complex system of interrelated parts that shall be continuously improved. We plan, use feedback, and seek to understand relationships so that UAT systems will be stopped, simplified, improved, or innovated.

Lifelong Learning

UAT is a learning organization. UAT provides the highest level of student learning, seeks learning opportunities throughout the organization, and expects individual growth.


We believe in and foster teamwork. Working in collaborative teams, we support each other, create alignment and build shared understanding that produces superior results.


UAT values the commitment, support and lifelong growth that come from a learning community built around family principles. Its policies and practices promote healthy interactions within this family context. UAT embraces the benefits of family working at and attending the university.



Simplify everything. UAT Stakeholders will employ simple solutions, especially those that empower relationships institutionally and within the community.


UAT Stakeholders will unify to assure online, on-ground and graduate student populations all double.


Student Innovation 2.0. Students regularly take products to market, secure patents, and innovation happens regularly at macro and micro levels.


Every action and interaction at UAT is identity centric and demonstrated personally by each individual at UAT


UAT establishes a reputation of performance excellence.


Multiple UAT programs will be recognized as best of class. Graduates from these programs will be highly coveted by the community.

Fundamental Ends


UAT graduates are known to complete what they start. As students, they pre-visualize outcomes and support each other in order to develop patterns of completion through their projects, classes, portfolios, and the ultimate expression of completion: their degrees.


UAT’s connections and synergies are reciprocal, varied, rich and alive. Those connections and synergies inform policy, build curriculum, enhance educational output, enrich learning, foster innovation and provide graduate opportunity. As a result of our abundant connections to community, employers and industry, UAT educational experiences are relevant to the students and beneficial to employers and the global community.

Effective Teaching

Accomplished faculty with mastery of their field and of UAT’s methodology and values convey their knowledge and passion to technology students.

Future-Oriented Educational Offerings

UAT consistently researches and develops a mix of educational offerings that are viable, relevant and further its identity, mission and reputation. Its educational offerings position the University at the forefront of new and advancing technologies, contribute significantly to the field, and are sufficiently diverse to support ongoing fiscal health.

Institutional Longevity

UAT’s organization is built to serve its constituencies enduringly through planning strategically, fostering organizational learning, ensuring its long-term fiscal health, and protecting UAT’s culture, identity and distinctiveness.

Knowledge Acquisition

UAT’s graduates, through attainment of knowledge and understanding in general education, University core and their chosen discipline, leave the institution prepared to contribute to their fields.

Knowledge Creation

UAT's faculty, staff, students and alumni create knowledge within our expertise areas of learning and technology, and transfer it effectively to constituents.

Life Preparation

UAT’s educational experience prepares graduates with tools and perspectives that foster a successful life in a dynamic world. Throughout their careers, graduates self-actualize to develop abilities that complement changing technological environments and societal needs.


Constituents value and respect UAT and its graduates because they embody the concepts of learn.experience.innovate.


UAT graduates are thinkers capable of understanding complex issues. Using diverse thinking methodologies, graduates and members of the UAT community capably apply techniques that generate the insights needed to create innovative designs and solutions.

Student Innovation Projects
Student Innovation Projects
Student Innovation Projects