University of Advancing Technology | President’s Letter

University of Advancing Technology | President’s Letter


UAT President’s Letter

Welcome to UAT!

Each day as I walk through the doors of UAT, I feel the energy of our community of bright, driven students and our dedicated faculty and staff. I am continually renewed by the distinct feeling of connection on campus.

We are grateful to our faculty who continually encourage students’ growth through one-on-one mentorship and the bright minds who push themselves to think creatively, test their limits and direct their passion for tech toward innovation. UAT is truly an environment of learning that’s a rare beauty—a college experience not found elsewhere.

We expect our students to outpace the learning and growth of University to propel UAT forward. This growth in advancing technology and higher education has been a multigenerational journey. As state and local colleges are just now climbing the mountain we climbed 20 years ago, we’re on to the next mountain—one that no one knows about yet. Just imagine.

We invite you to visit our campus, speak with our students and professors and discover the meaning behind our passion for leadership, friendliness, teamwork and having fun. We will always strive to do honorable work and own it without apology and unafraid of judgement. Join us and experience the UAT difference—our values are a way of life and the connective tissue among academia, industry and the technology leaders of tomorrow.


Jason Pistillo, President


To educate students in advancing technology who innovate for our future.


UAT leads higher education by re-imagining the future of learning, intellectual property and talent cultivation to accelerate Arizona and national tech-entrepreneurship.



We work really fast all the time, but we do it in a calm, mindful, purposeful and centered way.


We are not afraid to have a ridiculous amount of fun at work.


We are a face-to-face working environment. We are friendly and we want to work alongside other friendly people. We build relationships with each other because humans matter.


We are a family of wicked smart people that still have common sense.


We do honorable work every day and we believe in what we do. We are brave enough to do the right thing, even if it's hard.


We own who we are and we own what we do. We value those who get things done, take ownership for their work, are proud of it and are always seeking to learn and do more.


We all strive to be leaders in our own regard and we want to surround ourselves with other leaders. We are disruptors and we lead the way for our community and our students.


We value people who play a bigger game day after day; this involves practice, ownership and learning. We will always do a better job tomorrow than we did today.

Team Sport

We play a big game as coworkers and family. We trust each other and operate above our own egos.


We are proud of who we are and the unique things we do. We are proud of each other and the University. We are our authentic selves and are proud of other's diversity.

Fundamental Ends

Superior Graduates

Career Ready

UAT's educational experience prepares graduates with tools and perspectives that foster a successful life in a dynamic world. Prior to graduation, students prove and demonstrate their career readiness through regular team project success, internships and apprenticeships. Throughout their careers, graduates self-actualize to develop abilities that complement changing technological environments and societal needs.


UAT graduates are known to complete what they start. As students, they pre-visualize outcomes and support each other in order to develop patterns of completion through their projects, classes, portfolios and the ultimate expression of completion: their degrees.

Demonstrated Mastery

UAT graduates demonstrate mastery of their degrees by defending their body of work to faculty to prove individual competence in all of their degree objectives.


UAT's faculty, staff and students innovate, invent and create intellectual assets that are relevant and valuable. Innovations are properly executed to create value to the UAT ecosystem.

Superior Graduates

Tech communities seek out UAT graduates. UAT is a preeminent contributor to technology industries. Alumni careers are vibrant, follow remarkable trajectories and are known for exceeding industry demands and expectations.

Mentored Education

Industry Quality Services

UAT's student work is of professional grade and student work is used in real work-for-hire endeavors.

Innovative Degrees

UAT consistently researches and develops a mix of educational offerings that are viable, relevant and further its identity, mission and reputation. Its educational offerings position the University at the forefront of new and advancing technologies, contribute significantly to the field and are suitably diverse to support ongoing fiscal health.

Instructional Excellence

Accomplished faculty with mastery of their fields and of UAT's methodology and values convey their knowledge and passion to technology students.


Student as problem-solver: articulates and solves problems; offers solutions based on scientific principles and methods; synthesizes knowledge of social and natural sciences; and utilizes appropriate thinking strategies, including critical, systems, creative, lateral and parallel thinking.


Community Contribution

UAT's place in the community is well known and valued. The University's contributions are noteworthy and aligned with UAT's mission. UAT is a foundation for its community and is making a difference. UAT supports the community with honor and leadership.

Institutional Longevity

UAT's organization is built to serve its constituencies enduringly through planning strategically, fostering organizational learning, creating enrollment growth, ensuring its long-term fiscal health and protecting UAT's culture, identity and distinctiveness.


UAT's accomplishments continually advance the University's mission, and earn positive recognition and publicity.

Technology Position

UAT maintains advancing, leading-edge technologies that students can readily access and use to innovate. UAT's technology position improves the overall competitiveness and vibrancy of its tech ecosystem. UAT possesses technology that is relevant, applicable and, above all, forward-thinking. UAT students routinely interact with technologies far ahead of their peers attending other universities.