Business Technology Degree Course List at University of Advancing Technology

Business Technology Degree

Bachelors Course List

Conceptual/Foundational Courses — Complete 12.00 Credits minimum

ENT200 Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship
MGT102 Management in a Technology Environment
MGT220 Project Management
TCH230 Innovation Frameworks

Skills Development Courses — Complete 12.00 Credits minimum

ENT305 Entrepreneurial Operations
MGT215 Strategic Planning and Analytics
MGT230 Organizational Development
MGT322 Financial Management in a Technology Environment
MGT324 Managing Change and Innovation
MGT330 Leading Knowledge Workers
MKT120 Marketing
MKT250 Online Marketing Environments
TCH200 Product Development

Synthesis Core — Complete 12.00 Credits minimum

MGT423 Data Visualization and Mining
MGT425 Trends in Business Technologies
MGT441 Business Intelligence and Data Management
MGT450 ROI Based Decision Making and Negotiations
MGT456 Big Data Analytics
MKT320 New Media Communication and Marketing
MKT330 SEO and Applied Online Marketing
NTW428 The Business of Technology
TCH405 Technology Product Design Project
TCH490 Forecasting Emergent Technologies
TCH491 New Technologies: Innovation, Production and the Market

University Core Curriculum

University Core — Complete 28.00 Credits minimum

BUS200 Entrepreneurship to Market
INT350 Internship
INT400 Internship
LAW370 Legal Issues in Technology
SIP311 Student Innovation Project I
SIP483 Student Innovation Project II and Portfolio Presentation
TCH115 Thinking Strategies
TCH150 Technology and Society
TCH301 Ethics in Technology
TCH310 Technology, Society and Ethics

General Studies — Complete 36.00 Credits minimum

ART231 Intermediate Drawing
AST301 The Solar System
AST302 Stars, Galaxies and Cosmology
BIO120 Introduction to Biology
COM226 Communication in Technology
ENG101 Composition I
ENG102 Composition II
ENG215 Topics in Creative Writing
ENG301 Technical Writing
ENG305 Mythology, Fable and Fairy Tale
ENG310 Science Fiction as Literature
ENG330 Crime Literature
ENG415 Selected Topics in Literature
HIS115 American History
HIS300 The World Wars: 1914-1945
HIS305 20th Century Innovation
HIS310 History of World Religions
HIS331 The Vietnam Era
HIS335 Ancient Greek Warfare
HIS350 Civil War
HUM305 Countercultures
HUM310 Contemporary Themes in Humanities
HUM388 Special Topics in Humanities
JPN105 Introduction to Japanese Culture
JPN108 Level I Japanese
JPN208 Level II Japanese
JPN308 Level III Japanese
JPN408 Level IV Japanese
MAT174 College Algebra
MAT179 Pre-Calculus
MAT210 Business Mathematics
MAT220 Statistics
MAT250 Calculus I
MAT251 Calculus II
MAT342 Linear Algebra
MAT388 Special Topics in Mathematics
PHI313 Selected Topics in Philosophy
PHY101 Physics
PHY125 Introduction to Electricity and Magnetism
PSY310 Social Psychology
SCI330 Green Technologies
SCI388 Special Topics in Science
SS310 East Asian Cultures
SS320 Contemporary Global Issues
SS388 Special Topics in Social Sciences
THE230 Character Development
THE238 Acting and Movement
THE310 History of Movies
THE320 Introduction to Shakespeare
THE325 Movie Genre Studies
THE330 Scriptwriting