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Bachelor’s of Arts Degree at University of Advancing Technology

Bachelor of Arts Degree Programs

UAT's Bachelor of Arts programs offer an opportunity to understand how technology integrates into society by adding functionality and speed to activity. The program content for each Science major is designed to provide knowledge needed to ensure success in a climate in which continuously expanding technology expertise is vital. Students in these programs will have the opportunity to learn and create software applications that move technology forward.

A Top Technology College

It’s here at University of Advancing Technology (UAT) that students who are passionate about technology have an ideal place to grow, live and innovate while earning their Bachelor of Arts degree. This private college is uniquely suited for the technophile, providing an enriched college experience. The values of a traditional academy are merged with a modern technology campus. This fusion propels UAT’s mission of educating students in advancing technology who not only are prepared but also inspired to innovate for our future.

UAT fuels academic excellence through the fostering of knowledge creation. Combining both artistic and programming aspects long before other colleges, we are at the forefront of developing Bachelor of Arts programs that are unique among academia and emerge years ahead of other schools. Programs include Digital Media, Digital Video, Game Art and Animation, Game Design, and Serious Games and Simulation.

At the heart of our technology-infused campus in Tempe, Arizona is UAT’s innovative curricula, creating a distinctive, non-exclusionary university where students learn the power of technology in education and equally as important – the value of their own uniqueness.

Leading-edge knowledge is our commitment, reflected in our efforts to continually develop new ways of learning tailored to the personal mission and vision of each member of our UAT community. The result is unique, experiential learning, the pinnacle of which is the culmination of our students, faculty and staff powered by UAT’s mission.


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Bachelor of Arts Program Requirements

Program Length in Weeks: 120 (on campus)/205 (online)*

Minimum General Education Credits: 36

Minimum Bachelor's Core plus Major/Elective Credits: 84

Minimum Total Semester Credits: 120

Within 120 minimum credit hours, the following requirements also apply:

  • Minimum Major Credits: 39
  • Minimum Total 300/400 Level Credits: 39

*Not all majors are offered online. Please visit this page for a complete list of all majors.

General Education Requirements

Minimum 36 general education credit hours, including:

TCH115 Thinking Strategies

Humanities - Minimum 12 credit hours (9 credit hours for a Bachelor of Science in Advancing Computer Science or Game Programming), including:

  • ENG101 Composition I
  • ENG102 Composition II
  • COM226 Communication in Technology

Social Sciences - Minimum 6 credit hours

Mathematics - Minimum 3 credit hours for Bachelor of Arts. Minimum 6 credit hours with 3 credit hours at 200-level or higher for Bachelor of Science.

Natural and Life Sciences - Minimum 3 credit hours for Bachelor of Arts. Minimum 6 credit hours for Bachelor of Science.

Graduation Requirements

  • Successful completion of requirements in an approved Program of Study.
  • Completion of Student Innovation Project, portfolio or capstone requirement. These requirements include the submission and review of primarily digital artifacts to demonstrate the student's capabilities within the discipline being studied.
  • Successful completion of an Internship.


Courses within majors are noted for students within each major description. Taking all recommended credits within a major may result in minimum credit hours required in the degree program exceeding 120 in the Bachelor's program and 60 in the Associate's programs. Seeking guidance from an Academic Advisor is encouraged to promote each student's highest success.