Synchronic Learning

UAT’s mission focuses on educating and empowering students with a passion for technology so they are prepared for a lifetime of successful contribution in an increasingly global and complex world. Our educational culture focuses on creating the experiences and environments that develop the minds and talents of our students to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving technology environment. Our approach is an integration of successful content delivery methods designed for the next generation of learners, a year-round learning environment that continuously engages students and a tiered curriculum approach intended to develop independent thinkers and innovators.

UAT also recognizes that the modern college student is different than previous college students: Today’s students approach learning with a value set that emerged from experiences including exposure to technology and myriad environments at very young ages. Adding this understanding to our knowledge of how to educate within technology disciplines creates the conceptual underpinning of our learning methodology.

This interactive graphic allows you to explore the concepts and elements that comprise UAT’s unique educational methodology, Synchronic Learning. Just click on an element to begin discovering why UAT students enjoy learning and our graduates thrive in their careers.

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