UAT: Residence Life
Residence Life is a unique aspect of the college experience that fosters the emotional, intellectual and social development of students. Below, you will find important information about every aspect of being a member of the UAT Residence Life Community.

A Day in the Life

Follow current resident hall student, Cody Furr, as he goes to class and enjoys life on the UAT campus.

A Fun Campus

We're not your typical university. While other college students like to steal rivals' mascots and have Homecomings, we'd rather be decimating the enemy in a Nerf War. Other stuff we've done lately:
  • Geek Week: Some colleges have homecoming, some get geeky!
  • Getting Sexy with X's and O's: Double entendres and innuendo? It must be X's and O's.
  • Staying Active with Residence Life: Sometimes Res Life means getting to throw things at others...

Mandatory Housing Policy

As of Fall 2007, all first-year students are required to live in the Residence Life Community. There are limited exceptions to this policy. For example, if you are married or are living with parents or guardians within a designated mileage radius from campus. Read more about UAT's Mandatory Housing Policy.

Where Will You Be Living?

The Residence Life Community provides an enriched social atmosphere and collegiate living for UAT students and many choices for where they live. Click the links below to learn more about Housing Costs and Locations and to see Floor Plans for all housing types at UAT:

On-Campus Living

For questions about where you will be living, please contact the Office of Residence Life.

Next Steps to Become a Member of the Residence Life Community

Don't forget! Living in the Residence Life Community means getting all of your paperwork finished, finding a roommate and much more. Here, you'll find a checklist of all the important steps you'll need to take to become a member of the Residence Life Community.

Housing Costs and Important Dates to Remember

Learn more about fees, deposits and move-in dates for living in the Residence Life Community.

Residence Life Policies and Forms

To become a member of the UAT Residence Life Community, it is important that you read our policies and complete the application.


Who you live with will profoundly impact your college experience. The Office of Residence Life understands this, so we take great care to match students with roommates who are compatible and will foster the student's growth throughout their educational journey at UAT. Learn how to make the roommate search easier.

Resident Assistants

A Resident Assistant (RA) is a current student who lives on-site in the Residence Life community. An RA is a leader who is there to support students, provide mentorship, act as an advocate, build community, and create opportunities for students to explore and understand who they are. Meet the Resident Assistants.

Feeling Homesick?

The transition from high school to college is a big one, and even more so if you're going to college out of state. Feel free to check out this page here to see if you or a friend may be experiencing homesickness without even realizing it (and what to do about it if you are).

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving away from home to attend college can be as stressful as deciding where to go to college. Who will my roommates be? What will I need to bring? Will I live on campus? Can I bring my pet Gollum? Click here for the answers to those questions and more. (Answer to that last one: we advise leaving the Gollum at home.)
Before you can be assigned a living space in on- or off-campus housing, you must first be accepted to UAT. Learn more about our application and admissions processes.