UAT: Founder's Hall
UAT sponsors a unique student housing program where we provide both on- and off-campus residential communities. The Residence Life Community is made up of three components: Founder''s Hall, our on-campus residence hall, and two apartment complexes: Galleria Palms and Gateway at Tempe.

On this page, you will find detailed information about living at Founder's Hall.

For more information please contact a Living Learning Coordinator at 602.390.3440 or via email at

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Founder's Hall

UAT's on-campus residence hall

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2625 W. Baseline Rd.
Tempe, AZ
(877) UAT-GEEK
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The Story of Founder's Hall

UAT has had a Residence Life Community for a long time, but living in apartments off campus was just not enough. Our students want to be on campus 24-7, they want the 2 minute walk instead of the 10 minute walk, they want ALL GEEK ALL THE TIME, and they want the community feel by living next to and with over 250 students. The voices of our students (and parents) were heard and Founder's Hall came to be!

Founder's Hall is a natural extension of the type of campus we created with modern technology students in mind. It is a perfect complement to the UAT classroom experience, and tailor-made for students who like a little geek in their living space.

A Day In the Life of a Founder's Hall Resident

For years we've tried to imagine what an on-campus residence hall would be like for our students. It'll probably be something like this:

It's morning. You wanted a little bit of a view, so you're happy you got Room 211, right next to the Movie Room, which under normal circumstances would be pretty cool. Problem is, you stayed up until 10:00 p.m. watching a marathon session of Family Guy on DVD, then made the mistake of stopping by the Game Room, where you got sucked into playing foosball against your mortal enemies from down the hall. That lasted another hour or two, but it's justified--you completely rocked them all.
Midnight is as good a time as any to finish up your Robotics project (which you're demo-ing at 8:30!), but your roommate is sound asleep, so you decide to work in the Study at the end of the hall instead. As you walk down the hall, your cell phone rings, so you pop into the Lounge to take the call. It is your best friend from back home who always knows when you're up late. He likes to call and gripe about the weather back home and how he has to share a bathroom with 90 other guys and how old and smelly his dorm is. You smile, thinking about how good you have it because you share a bathroom with only a few other students. Plus, Founder's Hall is cool since it's a brand new building. The conversation ends and it's just you and your unfinished Robot...

At 2:00 a.m., you drag yourself back to your room. Your roommate still sound asleep, you crawl into bed and finally go to sleep. You wake up the next morning a little groggy. Your roommate already ran over to Cuban Pete's cafe for breakfast. Rolling over, you grab your laptop and crash back down on the bed so you can link to the wireless to read your email. You check the fridge, hoping that the OJ and Hot Pockets that you bought with the money from your parents are still there. No OJ (again!), so you warm up your breakfast in your microwave and eat as you get dressed and head to class.

As you pass by the Exercise Room, you make a mental note to check it out sometime (for Mom's sake), but for now, you decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator, figuring, hey, that's sort of like a workout, right? You grab some juice from the vending machine and stop by the Commons to say hi to those girls from the Anime club. The conversation lasts a little too long, but it's no big deal, since you're only a two-minute walk to class (30 seconds if you run really fast).

You sit down as the Turkeybot greets you, knowing that you've got a long way to go before you get to take that nap...