Student Clubs

Student Clubs

UAT strongly supports the continuation of a rich student life experience through student clubs and organizations. Student clubs and organizations enhance UAT's tech-infused and friendly environment. UAT supports a multitude of clubs and campus activities including Soccer, Anime, Cosplay and Nerf Wars.

At the top of the food chain sits Student Activity Council (SAC)-formed to give the student body at UAT a collective voice and to set traditions within the University. SAC performs important roles in encouraging self-directed Student Life organizations, coordinating student community service activities and providing a venue for feedback between students and staff. Students are encouraged to participate in SAC's monthly open meetings. Students, alumni and members of the technological industry meet regularly at the University's campus to debate and educate themselves about the latest trends.

Anime and Manga Club Cooking Club Cosplay Club

Crafts Club Design Club Foam Fighters Club

Hispanic Club Japanese Club Nerf Wars Club

Magic Club Pokemon Club Soccer Club

Super Smash Brothers Club Tai Chi Club Virtuoso Club

WWE Club