Information Assurance

Information Assurance


Within the Center for Technology Studies (CTS), in addition to its studies in broad technology areas, the University houses the Center for Information Assurance Education (CIAE). The CIAE furthers community understanding of technology disciplines, their applications, and their relevance in our networked society. The CIAE is designed to conduct original Information Assurance (IA) related research to produce works for the broader community, and also to perform directed research in UAT's IA disciplines. Such disciplines include Computer Forensics and Network Security at the undergraduate level, and Information Security at the graduate level. The CIAE seeks to publish those works in emerging technology fields of Information Assurance.

UAT is designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education from the NSA and the DHS. The designation is in a transition phase to NSA/DHS National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) in Information Assurance (IA)/Cyber Defense (CD). The new CAE IA/CD designation is based on updated academic criteria for Cybersecurity education and affords each CAE institution the opportunity to distinguish its strengths in specific IA/CD focus areas. The updated criteria benefit not only the institution, but also students, employers and hiring managers throughout the Nation.

View the Center for Information Assurance Education charter.
View the application letter for the NSA Center of Academic Excellence and Information Assurance Education Program.


On 04/12/2012 UAT was notified of its re-designation as a Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) for its Information Assurance courseware for the years 2012-2017. CAEs are designated by the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education (CAEIAE) and are jointly sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

According to the CAEIAE, "Each applicant must pass a rigorous review demonstrating its commitment to academic excellence in IA education. During the application process applicants are evaluated against stringent criteria. Designation as a CAEIAE is valid for five academic years, after which the school must successfully reapply in order to retain its CAEIAE designation." During the transition to the new program requirements, current CAE/IAE designations will remain in effect.

Besides the obvious prestige and recognition by the government this brings the University for its IA courseware, this designation benefits students of the University by making financial aid opportunities (grants and scholarships) available to them through the Department of Defense and the Federal Cyber Service for Service Program.
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Al Kelly - Professor
Greg Miles - Associate Professor
Russ Rogers - Professor of Network Security