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UAT provides an unrivaled unique culture for technology degree students.

Technology University Degrees

UAT’s unique technology-infused campus facilities have been designed to enhance collaborative learning. Technology college students, staff and faculty learn, create, live and play together in a team environment. Residence Life is a unique aspect of UAT’s college experience that fosters the emotional, intellectual and social development of students. The Office of Residence Life focuses on supporting and developing every part of a student’s growth as an individual and as a part of society.

Residence Life activities vary. Team-building activities engage residents in programs that help them get to know their roommates, neighbors and peers and teach them necessary life skills. Social activities allow residents to have fun, release stress or just get out of their routine.

At any time, day or night, groups of students are working on coursework and projects, looking to create “the next big thing.” It is not uncommon to see technology degree students burning the midnight oil, pulling all-nighters, exchanging ideas and searching for solutions to perfect their creative innovations. Everywhere you turn, there are students on their own laptops and smart devices, interacting and creating. You’ll also see gatherings of technology university students and instructors engaged in discussions on the latest technology developments and how they can make them better.

Technology University Degrees

UAT provides academics, activities and an environment that perfectly matches their individual needs, goals and desires.

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Student Housing AT A Top Private Technology University

We foster an environment where diversity is valued, recognized, respected and celebrated.

UAT Student Housing is a unique aspect of the collegiate experience that fosters students’ emotional, intellectual and social development.


UAT Student Housing provides an enriched social atmosphere and collegiate living for technology degree students. Our students want to be on campus 24/7, they want the 2-minute walk instead of the 10-minute walk, they want all geek all the time, and they want the community feel of living among more than 250 technology college students. The voices of our students (and parents) were heard and Founder’s Hall came to be!

Founder’s Hall is a natural extension of the type of campus we created with modern technology college students in mind. This residence hall is a perfect complement to the UAT classroom experience and tailor-made for students who like a little geek in their living space.

For questions about where your student will be living, please contact your Admissions Advisor or phone (877) UAT-GEEK (828-4335). For more information on student housing, please call and request a copy of UAT’s Student Housing brochure.

Technology University Degrees


UAT provides many opportunities for technology college students to meet a potential roommate through social events and our online database. Preferences expressed on the student housing applications are considered but successful relationships are difficult to predict.

UAT has 24/7 staff including a Resident Director and Resident Assistants (RA) who live in the hall. The RA strengthens harmony and generally looks after first-year technology degree students.

Technology University Housing
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