UAT Parents Guide


UAT Parents Guide

UAT is a private university that fosters the development of passionate technophiles who ethically advance society through the creation and application of next-generation technology. The University’s best-in-class technology degree programs are industry relevant and industry driven. UAT’s prestigious student body numbers over 800, with nearly 90% of them coming from all 50 states and four continents.

UAT students come from a wide variety of locations and backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common—a passion for technology and innovation. Take a walk around campus and you will see groups of students working together on various technological innovations, looking to create the next big thing. These interactions will not only challenge students to learn from each other, but also help build friendships to last a lifetime.

To further interaction and ensure all students achieve their greatest academic success, UAT has developed a system known as Synchronic Learning. Life outside college does not work in semesters with summers off. Synchronic Learning reflects the working world schedule to enable collaborative team projects lasting more than a semester and encouraging lifelong learning habits needed after graduation.

UAT understands all individuals learn and retain information in different ways.

With Synchronic Learning:

  • UAT students experience a variety of teaching methodologies
  • Methodologies and tools engage tech-savvy students and foster each student's highest learning potential
  • Students learn through lecture, tutorials, group interaction, discovery and student teach back
  • Learning and retention are maximized to build a foundation that helps UAT students become life-long learners
  • Students gain valuable skills for adapting to different environments, master effective communication skills and working efficiently in cooperation with colleagues

Did You Know?
UAT graduates are encouraged to remain current with changes in their industry and are invited back to the university to audit their courses, at no cost, for the remainder of their career.

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Technology University

A small private, technology university that cultivates the best thinkers who advance our society through a lifetime of innovation.

Advancing Technology Faculty

UAT Faculty members offer technology degree students
first-hand knowledge of industry issues and trends.

Faculty members are selected on the basis of their educational and technological achievements. They are not only leaders in technology, but also in educational and teaching methodologies. UAT faculty have experience in their respective fields, offering students first-hand knowledge of industry issues and trends. This ensures UAT students are always learning at the leading edge of technology.

UAT’s faculty body are thinkers, teachers, technological gurus, technology industry experts and student mentors. They garner their skills, knowledge and expertise from a range of experiences—from the classrooms of academe to the boardrooms of industry, from community meeting halls to international conferences. They are a group governed by their passion for technology, their students and their own academic and professional growth.

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