How Can Career Services Help Me Get a Job in My Field?

The obvious goal of most students in a university is to secure employment, before or after graduation, in their chosen field of study. As many graduates are new to the job market and career searching, Career Services at UAT offers many avenues of assistance to help get you in the industry. We offer:
  • Individual resume, cover letter and interview counseling
  • Instruction on in-depth company and industry research (the purpose of which is to familiarize an applicant, more completely, with a company they intend on applying to. This allows for better questions during an interview and displays a level of commitment and seriousness to potential employers)
  • Recurring seminars for building the resume & cover letter
  • Recurring seminars for interviewing skills
  • Participation in industry conferences and events
  • Assistance with job and internship leads
  • Continual instruction about various job searching resources (i.e. job boards, professional organization membership, recruiters, THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER (This is a tremendously valuable resource that seems to have been forgotten in today's electronic environment)
  • Continual, revolving contact with companies and industries to find available internships and permanent positions (within Arizona and Nationwide)