UAT: Student Government

John Wiltberger

My name is John Wiltberger and I am a Senior at UAT studing mainly Network Security, but touching on a few others. I have been here since Fall of 2009, and spent 3 years at ASU before that. I have lived in Arizona since 2001, but am originally from Chicago. I am into sports, mainly football for TV, but I also wrestled and played lacrosse in high school. I will be honest, I don't really play video games, but I have learned to appreciate everyone's own specialties and skills. If you ever have any questions, comments, or issues, never feel threatened to come up and talk to me about. I'm an open person and always available if you have issues.


David Kazlas was born December 30, 1985 in Indiana. David became interested in USG from his interaction with classmates and attending USG meetings. He spent 13 years in the Boy Scouts of America and obtained the rank of Eagle Scout. David also volunteered as a Youth Minister for 4 years at Saint Joan of Arc Catholic Church and prior to enrolling at UAT he worked for Frontier Airlines as a Customer Service Coordinator. In true geek fashion, David enjoys PC games as often as free time allows. As Vice President David plans to bring his passion for games and his experience in customer service to promote student activities and whatever else is called upon.

Toni Wagar

My name is Toni Wagar and I'm a Network Security major at UAT. I was born in New York then moved to California. In my seinor year of high school I moved to Arizona. UAT is my first college and this is my first semester. In my free time I'm usually either playing video games with or hanging out with friends. In joining student government I hope to acheive good leadership skills and help the students have activities to participate in on campus. I believe it is important for students to have something to participate in and working with SAC will put me in the position for creating that opportunity. I sincerely look forward to all the exciting events and adventures I will be a part of and the opportunity to interact with the UAT community.

Alex Boden

Born on the Island of Long in NY more then 25 years ago. I spent the first 18 years of my life in the thralls of musical enlightenment. So yeah I grew up on long island if you want proof ask me to break out my NY accent. I am a NetSec tech forensics major looking to get my Masters in Information Assurance (still trying to figure out where). I am your new treasurer I am here to balance the books and handle purchases.

Joseph Costa

Student Body Secretary
My name is Joseph M Costa. I am a freshman at UAT, majoring in Network Security. I am originally from south Texas. While I am majoring in Network Security, I am interested in all aspects of technology and intend to utilize the resources offered at UAT to expand my interests. Outside of technology, I like to be involved with anything academic. In high school, I spent 90% of my time competing in and preparing for teams such as UIL and Academic Decathlon. Like every geek, I love video games, particularly RPGs and other story driven games, along with a large number of Real Time Strategy games. Some of my favorite series include Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, LoZ, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, Star Ocean, etc etc. I like to think I am very approachable and people-friendly, so if you have any concerns or suggestions for student government, don't hesitate to get in touch with me!

John Faulkner

Club Chair
Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, John Faulkner is about to begin his second year attending the University of Advancing Technology, after transferring from the Paradise Valley Community College. Currently pursuing his bachelor's degrees in Network Security and Tech Forensics, John has always had a passion for computer technology, and currently spends a large amount of his time dedicating himself to learning as much as possible about the different tools, concepts, and training involved within Information Assurance. Ever since coming to the UAT, John has dedicated himself to becoming an active part within UAT's activities and it's community by participating in several events such as BlackHat USA 2010, Defcon 18, E3 2010, as well as participating in the on-site and virtual Avnet Tech Games. As UAT's Student Body Club Chairman for the 2011 school year, John's mission is to assist UAT's clubs by voicing their concerns as well as increasing club awareness of all opportunities made available by the University as well as Student Government

Tyler Coleman

Project Chair
I saw there was an opening for project chair, and I signed up because I would like to help the projects at this school succeed. I worked on multiple team projects with the communications company I worked at before coming to UAT. These opportunities gave me the chance to learn how to work in groups and work for represented parties. I plan to get more interproject interaction, where projects with similar themes could work together, and also I would like to get better presence of projects within the UAT community during my tenure as project chair. I also hope to learn how to manage the interests of multiple groups while proposing and preparing an agenda to better benefit these groups.

Jessica Clifford

External PR Chair
I started at UAT at the beginning of 2007 and am pursuing a degree in Game Programming. Prior to taking classes here, I attended a technical college in Georgia for my Associates degree. I live just outside of Tampa, Florida and since that would be one heck of a commute to campus, I'm attending classes online. I have around a year left before I graduate. I am involved with Parallel Universe, the online student club, and the Wiki Club.

I grew up as a military brat, and so I moved all over the place as a kid. I followed in my father's footsteps and served in the Air Force. Unfortunately Arizona is one place I have never been, though I hope to remedy that next spring for graduation. The nomadic nature is still in me and I am hoping to move to Austin, Texas in the next few years to get closer to my goal of working at a game studio. When I'm not busy with family, work, school, or fighting with my pool, I'm usually playing games, listening to music, or reading. Two of my favorite newer games are Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, both made by Bioware. I'm a pretty laid back person and am happy to help out wherever I can. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

Steven Goodwin

Internal PR Chair
Born in the hospital of St Raphael, Connecticut of the year 1990. This is my second year at UAT, majoring in Network Security. I have a true love for electronics and technology. I can say I spend a fare amount of time playing video games like warcraft and dota style games, I really love playing co-op games and teamwork is what I enjoy. So hey I would love to make new friends I could most likely see outside enjoying some fresh air, dont be a stranger and come say hi.