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University of Advancing Technology is an elite, private college that serves its student body by fostering knowledge creation and academic excellence in an environment that embraces the young technophiles of the world. With three centers of research and a suite of technology-centered undergraduate and graduate degrees, the University is a recognized leader in technology education.

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    Alumni Highlight: Gage Roland

    Alumni Highlight: Gage Roland

    (Feb 15, 2018)

    The results are in! Out of 17 teams competing in the CCDC Qualifier, UAT had to place 8th or better… UAT placed 3rd overall and took 1st in the defense...

    Gage graduated from UAT in May 2017, as a dual major in Advancing Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction. As a student, Gage had a known presence at UAT as a veteran Student Ambassador, giving tours to new students and their families.

    Gage was hired as a Data Analyst at Omni ePartners, a broker company that works with brands to sell products through Amazon US, Canada, Fresh, and other online vendors like Chewy.com and Walmart.

    What Does A Data Analyst Do?

    As a data analyst, Gage generates back-end reports from Amazon to find financial trends in the companies we work with.

    Gage looks for losses in revenue which commonly come from shipping infractions. These infractions can be studied and fixed by creating reports to send to our supply-chain analyst team.

    Gage is also in charge of data integrity of the company’s brands. He maintains all of the contracts, points of contact, invoice records, and billing of our partners. At any time, he usually manages the data/information of about 80 companies. Whoa!

    How Did Your Major Prepare You?

    Gage said his majors prepared him to think about multiple ways to solve problems, check over his work, and continuously reflect on how to be more efficient. A tip from Gage: easy to write programs that automate data in Excel sheets are not only easy, but it will impress your boss.

    How Did You Get Hired?

    “The real reason I got this job was with help from UAT’s Career Services. I found this job, applied, and interviewed on my own, but it was because of Ashley Murry’s help that I was successful. She helped me create the tools I needed like an awesome cover letter, a solid resume, and provided me with useful interview tips. It was my job to take these tools and use them.” Thank you, Ashley!

    Do You Have Advice For Future Grads?

    Do something while you aren’t doing anything. Meaning, even if you’re not in your dream position, be in a position somewhere. Having job history shows hiring managers that you are employable and disciplined.

    My second recommendation is minding your job length. It’s easy to get carried away jumping from retail job to retail job, but the length of employment matters more than the number of companies you work for. It shows you’re not going to leave your dream job!

    Lastly is the “overqualified” complex. Realistically, you’re as qualified as the job offers you get. You may miss an opportunity to grow into the position you want if you aren’t able to compromise for a position that you consider to be less than rockstar.

    What Do You Miss About UAT?

    “I miss my friends, teachers, and classes. UAT holds a special place in my heart as the first school that made me love to learn and to go beyond what is required. I met many amazing friends and faculty that have influenced me so significantly; I’d be scared to see where I was without them. UAT has played a considerable part on my identity, and I will never forget that.”

    Congratulations Gage! We are proud of you.


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    This Musical Tesla Coil Circuit Plays Tetris Theme Song

    This Musical Tesla Coil Circuit Plays Tetris Theme Song

    (Feb 07, 2018)

    Alumni Erin Ali graduated from UAT in 2007 with a Multimedia Degree. Today she has a career as an Online/Social Producer at Monolith Productions working on “Middle-earth: Shadow of War,”...

    Blog post by Robotics student Brandon Mickelsen

    There’s always something awesome happening in the robotics lab at UAT. As a robotics major, it’s so much fun to be a part of it.

    One of my most recent projects was something I’ve been meaning to build since high school, a musical Tesla Coil.

    You may have heard of Tesla Coils. They’re essentially large coils of wire that steps up a low voltage power source into a much, much higher voltage – on the order of thousands of volts. The coils often produce a corona discharge (an electrical arc that looks like a purple flame) at one end, making a beautiful (but dangerous) light display. You can add audio to the circuit, causing the arc to produce sound.

    It’s similar to how lightning produces thunder – the arc heats up the air around it, pushing the air molecules at a specific frequency (ex. the musical notes).

    Check out the Musical Tesla Coil Circuit on YouTube.

    My own design makes use of a Slayer-Exciter Tesla Coil circuit, which is just a transistor-based Tesla Coil. I paired it with an Arduino Uno to create the music.

    Check out my project on Hackster.io.


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    UAT Robotics Team Places at Embry Riddle VEX U Tournament

    UAT Robotics Team Places at Embry Riddle VEX U Tournament

    (Nov 07, 2017)

    UAT’s Robotics Team, the G33K Squad, took a road trip to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to compete in the Southwest VEX U Tournament on March 4, 2017. The team, along with...

    UAT Robotics students took a road trip to participate in the VEX U Robotics Tournament last weekend at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. While this is not a qualifier for VEX Worlds Championship, it does earn points for qualifying for Worlds.

    This is the first year that UAT has competed in the early season competition. All of the teams from our league were invited. Early competition gives us the advantage of practicing against real opponents and seeing what the most successful teams are doing as we have time to iterate and improve before the State tournament in February.

    UAT Robotics students place 7th at VEX U

    UAT Robotics students place 7th at VEX U

    UAT’s team placed 7th overall out of 12 teams. Getting the robot up and running the day before the competition gave the programmers enough time to develop some great autonomous functionality. The team learned a lot and have some great ideas for improving the robot before the state tournament in February.

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    UAT Robotics Demos at CactusCon

    UAT Robotics Demos at CactusCon

    (Oct 03, 2017)

    Professor Jill Coddington judged an 8th grade Science Fair at Pikes Peak Christian School in Colorado Springs. UAT was a sponsor of this event and provided T-shirts as prizes to the...

    UAT attended CactusCon 2017 in the Robotics Village on Saturday, October 1, at Phoenix Convention Center.

    UAT Professor Joseph Horen showed off robot demonstrations as well as Arduino programming labs for attendees to learn to program and see the results via the hardware.

    The Robotics Village was a new edition to Cactus Con but turned out to be a popular event for 8-17-year-olds who wanted to learn about Cyber Security and Robotics.

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    “Dog Robot” Pays a Visit to STEAM Night at Power Ranch Elementary

    “Dog Robot” Pays a Visit to STEAM Night at Power Ranch Elementary

    (Sep 25, 2017)

    Being a student can be a full-time job and for others enrolled in college, there may be other important external responsibilities such as jobs, families, and military obligations pulling them...

    Robotics and Embedded Systems student Kenneth Vorseth along with Professor Jill Coddington attended STEAM Night at Power Ranch Elementary on Thursday, Sept 21, showing off the 6-wheeled “dog robot” along.

    The “Dog Robot” was very exciting for the kids, and Kenneth had an excellent demo of the vision system including a good field test experience.

    This was a time to demonstrate robots and STEAM-related technologies. UAT faculty and students were a huge hit with the 6 wheeled dog robot as well as a vision system.

    Professor Coddington also enjoyed chatting with parents who work in industry and the Higley High school robotics team.

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    Cactus Con 2017

    Cactus Con 2017

    (Sep 20, 2017)

    During the summer semester, Game Design and Game Programming student Tyler “Ozzy” Osborne worked as a paid intern for iD Tech Camps held at Rancho Solano Prep School in Scottsdale,...

    Cactus Con is a local cyber convention that began in 2012 and has been growing each year. Considered to be Arizona’s Defcon, Cactus Con may be the biggest local/regional hacking, cybersecurity conference in Arizona – not to mention, it was started in part by UAT alumni.

    This year Cactus Con will include a robotics village and organizers have asked UAT to run it. UAT Robotics Professor Joseph Horen will be on-hand at Cactus Con to show off robots, drones and answer questions about the program.

    UAT to host Robot Village at Cactus Con

    UAT to host Robot Village at Cactus Con

    UAT will also bring Rasberry Pi and Arduino tech applications. The idea is to have a hands-on, interactive area where the kids and teens can experience building with this technology, including IoT devices and/or Bots that can be coded to do things.

    UAT Network Security alumni and Antimatter Security COO Will Peterson said, “I can’t wait for this years’ Cactus Con! I’m happy to see professionals in local security groups getting involved in conferences and reaching out to the public. It’s great to have local talent collaborating for the better of our industry.”

    What: Cactus Con
    When: Saturday, September 30 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Where: Phoenix Convention Center

    Cactus Con participants can attend a variety of workshops, presentations and break-out sessions. Some topics include Cloud computing, Covert communications, Cryptography, Incident response, Malware detection, Framework vulnerabilities, Mobile security, Network reconnaissance and Social engineering.

    We hope to see you at Cactus Con on Sept. 30th!

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    Programming Students Adopt a Robotic Dog

    Programming Students Adopt a Robotic Dog

    (May 01, 2017)

    Game programming alumni Caleb Jacobs landed an awesome job working as a Gameplay Engineer for First Strike Games in Seattle, WA. Caleb believes his degree in game programming and experience at UAT...

    Recently a few Robotics and Embedded Systems students have adopted a dog!

    Well, actually, Kenneth Vorseth and Andrew Weisenberger have been working in the Robotics Lab to program and bring a robotic dog to life. If the robot were a real dog it would be considered to be highly trained in that this robot is autonomous, designed for the Autonomous Object Tracking Vehicles class at UAT.

    Just last week, I was walking by and saw student Kenny Vorseth (Robotics and Embedded Systems/ Game Programming) training the robotic canine how to fetch in the UAT Commons. Please watch the video to see for yourself.

    An update since the video was taken..

    “We have made significant progress since this video regarding the AI’s ability to predict the moving target, which allows it to intelligently seek out the ball when it has left the camera view frustum. We are also working on using the pixel data, when the target is centered, to fire and ping the ball with sonar, as to allow more accurate calculation of distance to the ball than using pixel scale. Using this data and the accurate uController’s clock for deltaTime between frames, we can calculate the velocity of the ball-robot system. That is, the velocity of the ball related to the concurrent velocity of the robot, not the surrounding world. Using velocity, and monitoring the sign change of it’s delta, acceleration, we are working on fine-tuning the robot to maintain velocity to the ball. If the ball’s speed increases, the robot will increase, and vice versa. We recently did a test outside near Founder’s Hall, and the robot worked very well on rough terrain and the camera maintained tracking in bright sunlight on the concrete/grass/rock surface.”

    Hopefully in the next few weeks we can solidify really smooth drive capabilities, as well as develop simple games to play with the robot continually, without ever encountering a programming hitch that requires user intervention or reset.

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    G33K Squad Competes in Southwest VEX U Tournament

    G33K Squad Competes in Southwest VEX U Tournament

    (Mar 13, 2017)

    The summer semester is winding down, but many UAT Game Studios development teams are still hard at work trying to complete as much work on their games as possible before...

    UAT’s Robotics Team, the G33K Squad, took a road trip to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to compete in the Southwest VEX U Tournament on March 4, 2017.

    The team, along with Professors Jill Coddington and Mark Fedasiuk, spent a fun day of competing for a chance to win a spot in the VEX U World Championship.

    There were 12 University teams competing in this competition. Each team participated in six matches. The Southwest VEX U Tournament is the only regional tournament in our area.

    How does the Southwest VEX U Tournament work? There are two parts to the competition – autonomous and skills. The autonomous portion is where the robot has been pre-programmed to compete and runs completely on its own without intervention.

    The second part is the skills competition. Two students control the robots – one for movement, one for controlling the “shovel” which lifts the objects over the barrier. When objects cross over the barrier, points are scored.

    UAT Robotics team - The G33K Squad at Southwest VEX U

    UAT Robotics team – The G33K Squad at Southwest VEX U

    How’d the team do?

    “We made the finals! This is a big deal in the VEX U Competition so we were thrilled to get to participate in two more rounds of competition. Overall, we placed 8th,” said Coddington.

    This was a good showing and we are pleased at how the team came together to compete. Congrats to the team for a magnificent effort!


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    UAT Welcomes Southern Colorado Girls STEM Initiative to Future You University

    UAT Welcomes Southern Colorado Girls STEM Initiative to Future You University

    (Jun 13, 2016)

    Once the Black Hat Briefings come to an end, some UAT student volunteers will report as workers at DEF CON! Because both security conferences fall on the same week, in...

    The Southern Colorado Girls STEM group lead by Professor Jill Coddington, UAT Program Champion in Advancing Computer Science and Robotics, spent the weekend at UAT’s Tempe campus for a Future You University event during June 10-13, to offer these students a taste of the technology-infused innovation that surrounds our students each and every day. 

    These 17 middle school students won a STEM competition and their prize was a technology-filled experience at UAT. Over the weekend, the girls participated in workshops and seminars, campus tours, a weekend stay in UAT Founder’s Hall dormitory, Veggie car races, a 3D printing demo, Innovation Games, fun with Lego Robots, intro to Network Security, film screening and info session, time in the Maker Lab and movie night. 

    The famous Veggie car races at UAT

    The famous Veggie car races at UAT

    For many of these students, this was their first time flying on an airplane, visiting Arizona and living in a college dorm. It’s great to see teenage girls ages 13-15 getting excited about college and technology at a younger age than many typical college bound students.

    Mark Chaszar, General Manager at UAT Founder’s Hall said, “The girls had an absolute blast! They were so excited to experience what it’s like to attend college and play with our awesome technology. I bet we’ll see some of them back at UAT as students in the future!”

    Southern Colorado Girl's STEM Initiative building robots at UAT

    Southern Colorado Girl’s STEM Initiative building robots at UAT

    Professor Jill Coddington who spearheaded this initiative said, “The Future You U was an eye-opening event for the STEM girls that participated. Living in dorms and having roommates they did not know was only the beginning of the “college life” experience. They learned about many possible STEM degrees at UAT and got a taste of each with hands-on seminars to learn and explore. It was an exciting and amazing opportunity for this group of Colorado girls!”

    Thanks to Professor Jill Coddington for arranging this wonderful experience!

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    VEX U Championship Results

    VEX U Championship Results

    (Mar 19, 2016)

    A recreation of the title sequence to the UK TV series The Inbetweeners, created by student Emma Welch-Murphy for DVA254 Motion Graphics class using Adobe After Effects. Related PostsGame Design...

    The UAT Robotics Team (The G33K Squad) competed in its second Southwest Regional VEX-University (VEX U) Championship on Saturday, March 5, coinciding with the commencement of Spring Break at UAT.

    Five dedicated UAT Robotics students who took the VEX Competition class during the fall semester, formed the core team, built the robots and competed in the VEX U event. The team consisted of Daniel Carpenter, Garrett Tidd, Alexander Gregory, Daniel Molnar and David Hendrix.

    At the competition:

    Despite a rough beginning due to problems during robot inspection, as well as missing two of our six matches due to reasons beyond our control, The G33K Squad provided a strong showing with the third highest points overall in the preliminary matches (despite not having scored points for two matches).

    This was a monumental accomplishment showcasing the hard work, dedication, determination and downright will to win from The G33k Squad.


    Because the competition was held over Spring Break, students already knew their grades, yet went above and beyond what was necessary to put in countless hours of hard work designing an impressively accurate shooting robot nicknamed “Sharp Shooter.”

    The overall concept of the game was to construct robots that can shoot 5-inch foam nerf-like balls into large netted targets on opposite ends of a 15 x 15 square foot field.

    VEX U Championship balls

    VEX U Championship balls

    Each match was 1 minute and 45 seconds in length. During the last 30 seconds of the competition, there was an opportunity to score extra points and The G33K Squad gave it a shot! If one of the two team robots could successfully lift the other robot into the air, an additional 50 points is scored. Each ball that landed in the high basket is worth 5 points – so one single successful lift is equivalent to 10 baskets.

    The G33K Squad, coached by UAT Robotics Professor Mark Fedasiuk, developed a game winning strategy to make one static robot without wheels that never moved during the match. The robot was designed to shoot VEX balls with near perfect accuracy and repeatability. It was also able to sink about 95 percent of its shots from crosscourt at more than one shot per second.

    It turned out that The G33K Squad’s strategy was highly successful and yielded results far beyond expectations. In one match we scored 138 points out of the maximum of 148, only missing two balls and successfully accomplishing the lift.

    “Much was learned at this competition,” said Professor Fedasiuk. “We will use our new found knowledge in developing our strategy for next year. Our sights are set to win the finals and advance to the world championship.”

    Rest assured the G33K Squad is anxiously awaiting their next competition in 2017.

    Congrats to the G33K Squad!

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