UAT: Intranet
UAT's Intranet provides the tools and information about everything you need to know to stay organized, successful and entertained during your journey through the UAT universe.

Whether you are seeking class schedules, completing your registration, updating your University financial record, looking for information about what's happening on campus, or reading the next installment in a fellow student's Intranet journal, it's all right at your fingertips. If you are an on-campus student, the Intranet means you don't have to wait in lines to perform UAT-related business-just log on and get it done right from your keyboard. The Intranet is actually your campus-it not only greatly simplifies all your administrative chores, it also keeps you connected to the campus, to your instructors and fellow students, and to everything that's happening at UAT.

UAT students never lose access to the Intranet as long as they remain a part of the UAT community. The personalized links and information will adapt to your status even after you have graduated. The Intranet is a beneficial resources for students to:

Find out more information about University-sponsored housing, the Residence Life Community, and other apartments near UAT. Search for potential roommates and  find and post rooms for rent.

Logging on to the Intranet:

Go to . When asked for your User Name and Password (given upon acceptance to UAT):
  • User Name: Type in the first three letters of your first name and first five of your last name. For example: johsmith.
  • Password: Type in the last six numbers of your Social Security number. For security reasons, your password can and should be changed after the first time you log in.

Here's What You'll Find on the INTRANET:

At My UAT, all of your vital University-related information is at your fingertips:
  • Access your Class Schedule, Degree Progress, Unofficial Transcripts or Financial Records 
  • Read your E-mail or Web Alerts
  • Check your Current Grades
  • Change your Personal Info or Password
  • Add your own work to the UAT Student Showcase
In addition, you can enjoy a full range of student-related activities and events.

Information on Campus Life keeps you connected to the UAT Community:
  • Learn about upcoming Student Trips to destinations such as Defcon and E3
  • Read our digital newsletter to learn more about fellow students and instructors, as well as the many industry professionals who visit campus to network with students
  • Watch UAT TV to view recent and archived presentations from Tech Forum, as well as hours of presentations from our frequent visitors to UAT
  • Peruse the Discussion Boards for topics of interest to you or take part in a Live Chat
  • Look for a Student Club to join.. or see where they'll be meeting next
  • Search for a roommate or discover more about UAT

Students can perform many functions related to keeping up with their individual academic progress:
  • Complete your degree application
  • Find out about Internships
  • Check out the UAT Library Catalog, search through our many information databases such as LexisNexis or ProQuest, or read an e-book or e-journal
  • Take a placement test
  • Use the UAT Learning Support Center
  • Access UAT's Resident, Online and Course Code catalog

At Tech Support, you can get technical help:
  • Work on your own Webspace
  • Try to stump our IT Department
  • Read the Web Journals written by UAT interns
  • Look over the software and hardware specs currently used throughout the University

ON THE INTRANET you'll find even more information and tools to enhance your UAT experience. If you have any questions about anything on the Intranet, just contact

Q & A

Q: When do I get my logon?
A: When you've been accepted, you will receive a user name and a password.
Q: I am an alumnus and I need my Intranet account reactivated. What do I do?
A: Register Here